How long was your wait for permit?
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Thread: How long was your wait for permit?

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    How long was your wait for permit?

    I finally got through my CCW class after waiting 3 months to get into a class, I applied for my permit on Monday,
    and they told me 16-20 weeks before I would know. I hope it doesn't take that long, but I guess I don't have
    a choice. How long did you guys have to wait?

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    I waited for my Florisa CWL from September 08 untill April 2009, They had misplased files, and it took 30 minute on hold during numerious phone calls to get it done. also had to re fax them information. they couldnt find.

  4. In 2005 when I applied for my CCW, I had to wait one day. I applied on a Friday. The Sheriffs clerk who does all the CCW,s told me to call at 8AM on Monday to see if it was ready. (They're closed on weekends). It was and I picked it up at 9AM. This time things were a little slower for the renewel. I applied on Monday May 4th and picked it up on Friday May 8th. That same clerk apologised for the delay saying that due to the tremendous increase in new applications things had slowed a bit. Thanks Sheriff Beck from Williams County Ohio for the excellent service and the courteous manner in which it was tendered.

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    Well, after 81 days it has arrived. I am very glad that it was on a little over 11 weeks instead of the 16-20 that they told me.
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    Waited 64 days (Arapahoe County) Sheriff Deputies/Staff very professional & courteous!

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    In Colorado the Sheriffs are required by law to issue or deny the permit within 90 days even if the fingerprint results have not been received. It's the law look it up.

    CRS 18-12-206.Sheriff - issuance or denial of permits - report.
    (1) Within ninety days after the date of receipt of the items specified in section 18-12-205, a sheriff shall:
    (a) Approve the permit application and issue the permit; or
    (b) Deny the permit application based solely on the ground that the applicant fails to qualify under the criteria listed in section 18-12-203 (1) or that the applicant would be a danger as described in section 18-12-203 (2). If the sheriff denies the permit application, he or she shall notify the applicant in writing, stating the grounds for denial and informing the applicant of the right to seek a second review of the application by the sheriff, to submit additional information for the record, and to seek judicial review pursuant to section 18-12-207.
    (2) If the sheriff does not receive the results of the fingerprint checks conducted by the bureau and by the federal bureau of investigation within ninety days after receiving a permit application, the sheriff shall determine whether to grant or deny the permit application without considering the fingerprint check information. If, upon receipt of the information, the sheriff finds that the permit was issued or denied erroneously, based on the criteria specified in section 18-12-203 (1) and (2), the sheriff shall either revoke or issue the permit, whichever is appropriate.
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    Five weeks. Thirty-five days to long (TN).

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    NE - The wait for my CCW permit was about 8 days. Musta taken a few days to process and then a few for the mail to be delivered.
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  10. 2 weeks AZ non resident permit

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    When I got my original permit in 2004, I received my permit 24 days after applying. When I renewed in 2008, I waited 45 days; thankfully, since I now have a lifetime permit, I won't ever have to play the waiting game ever again as long as I reside in Indiana.

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