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    Quote Originally Posted by mbass View Post
    Good point, HK!

    There is neither a NC state law prohibiting CC in hospitals.

    A local hospital may have prohibitions, and if posted, in the state of NC, it would then be illegal.
    It would be illegal IF the state law provided that such a sign had legal standing.

    If the state law on concealed weapons did not provide for the posting, at most a sign would be the same as a "no shirt, no shoes" and they could ask you to leave. If you don't leace you're trespassing and that is a misdemeanor, not a firearms violation. Your state may vary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    Someone correct me if wrong but I don't think it could be a federal offense in NC if it is not a federal offense everywhere. Here in Texas it a violation of the state law to carry but the caveat to that is the Hospitals have to post the correct sign at all entrances before it is enforceable. Same goes for churches.
    My daughter recently had a baby and the hospital had signes posted on ever door much to the supprise of my son-in-law who had to make a trip back to his truck.

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    Bottom line: It is as important to know the law in the state you are CC as it is to know how to use your firearm and be CC. Go to your state's wewbsite for handgun laws or use this forum or others to find synopses of the law. If you have questions like the one you posed, ask it on this forum--guarantee you will get an informed answer--more than likely more than one. We are all in the same boat and some on this forum are much more expert than others--it is a great resource--use it wisely and you will be better for it.

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