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    Hospital carry

    A recent discussion with a CCW holder brought up the issue of carry when visiting someone in a hospital. The statement was made that it is a federal offense to carry into any hospital in the state of NC. Any input on this?

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    Someone correct me if wrong but I don't think it could be a federal offense in NC if it is not a federal offense everywhere. Here in Texas it a violation of the state law to carry but the caveat to that is the Hospitals have to post the correct sign at all entrances before it is enforceable. Same goes for churches.
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    It is legal in MA. I have a friend who is a physician and carries while on duty at the hospital. We were talking not too long ago about another doctor who screwed up and left his carry gun on the sink in the bathroom. It was in the local paper. Imagine the surprise when the next patron to use the bathroom stumbled upon the gun on the sink counter? I'm told the doctor's LTC was revoked.

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    I've carried into hospitals here in NV; I've carried in AZ too. They are not on any list of proscribed places I've seen and I've never seen a 'no firearms' sign at any hospital I've been to. I don't believe the Federal government has any such prohibition in place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    Someone correct me if wrong but I don't think it could be a federal offense in NC if it is not a federal offense everywhere.

    Good point, HK!

    There is neither a NC state law prohibiting CC in hospitals.

    A local hospital may have prohibitions, and if posted, in the state of NC, it would then be illegal.

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    I never once saw a posting of a No Weapons sign/s at any of the hospitals here in NH and MA. that I have gone into. I have carried Concealed in these hospital's before.
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    SC state law says NO! Can not carry into hospital & doctors offices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foots402 View Post
    SC state law says NO! Can not carry into hospital & doctors offices.
    The only exception to that is that the employees can carry if they have the permission of whoever owns the office. My CWP instructor said it was designed to protect those health professionals that work late nights and carry for safety reasons.

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    The one I've heard about in NC is at Duke because it is a part of the University system?

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    It is against the law to carry (CC or OC) in a STATE OWNED OR CONTROLLED HOSPITAL. But for your regular old emergency room/community hospital style hospital, it is privately owned. Unless they have signs posted it is legal.

    It shall be unlawful for any person participating in, affiliated with, or present as a spectator at any parade, funeral procession, picket line, or demonstration upon any private health care facility or upon any public place owned or under the control of the State or any of its political subdivisions to willfully or intentionally possess or have immediate access to any dangerous weapon.

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