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    Silent Thunder Holster

    I ordered a SIlent Thunder IWB from Tucker Gunleather for my Kimber.

    When I went back to the site I saw that this month they are having a buy one get one 25% off sale so I ordered one for my Hk too.

    I can't wait to get home and abuse the mailman now.

    Had to share my excitement! Yay for saving money!

  3. Just got my Tucker Silent Thunder in on Friday for my Beretta and I've been carrying it ever since. You wont be disappointed.

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    Confess, thanks for the heads-up on Tucker's Silent Thunder 25% off sale. I've been looking at these holsters for awhile now. Thanks to your tip, I ordered two Silent Thunders yesterday.

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    I love it. Absolutely. I think You'll be glad you did. Rob is really easy to get along with too.

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