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Thread: any IWB's that can attach w/out a belt?

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    I carry a ruger P345 IWB in a Bianchi model 100 ( size 12 for my P345 )holster. I usualy wear a belt but not allways I hook the clip to my pants rather than the belt though pull the belt over if I am wearing it
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    On this one I third the Cross Breed. Not only will it work without a belt but it is a GREAT holster with or without!

  4. Belly Band Review

    I am a professional and wear slacks and a tucked shirt every day. I have the crossbread and it owrks well with jeans, but with my slacks, it looks like I am deformed. I can disguise it with my cell phone strategically placed, but the buldge is noticeable. I have been wearing the belly band for a couple of months now and I can wear it just above my wasteband at 3:00 and the gun dissappears where many people have a spare tire roll.
    I carry a Browning 9 hp for size comparison.

    The drawbacks I have found are as follows:

    It appears the elastic will wear out pretty quickly. I'd say this thing will be worn out after 3-4 months of wear.

    The literature mentions wearing it while jogging/exercising. Make sure you use the thumbguard for this. It is not secure enough without it. Thumb guard is not necessary for normal activity. The thumb guard is nothing but a strip of velcro by the way. There will be significant movement of the weapon no matter how tight you put it on for jogging. I am able to still jog, but it takes some getting used to. If you don't use the magazine pouch for a mag pouch, it works nicely to hold an ipod touch.

    I find it uncomfortable without a t shirt under it. If you prefer not to wear a tshirt under it, you could sew something to it to keep the but/barrell/sight from chaffing the skin.

    Overall, I have found it to be a good solution short of buying CC specific T shirts or buying pants that don't fit without a gun. It does have drawbacks, but so does every holster I've tried. With all tuckables, you are not going to be "Quick draw McGraw" so I generally avoid even worrying about that.

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    I'll chime in with the Crossbreed holsters - better with a belt, but I've worn without.
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    I have an Uncle Mike's IWB that would work fine without a belt. The clip edge catches the seam of my jeans, so it won't come out of the waistband during draw.
    Uncle Mikes IWB works well for my Sig229 with out a belt but I still prefer the cross breed and a Belt. 3 to 4 oclock works well for me. Have not tried 10 oclock yet. Sometimes I carry S&W model 36 38 special 5 shot in an uncle Mikes with out a belt.
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