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Thread: Securing for Readily Accessible Car Carry

  1. It's like Nissan built the Altima fo those wanting to carry the handgun in the car.....heres mine.

    Ready to Rock & Roll, with spare mag & rail mounted light of course.

  3. With a little ingenuity it always possible to stash a gun that's near to hand in a vehicle. If you are going to need it, then chances are you'll need it in a hurry, so it should be readily accessible.

    But the option I prefer is to use a good outside crossdraw holster with no cant at the 9 or 10 o'clock position. This is my EDC mode. This carry mode is so much more utilitarian in all situations that I can't imagine why it is not more widely used. Whether in a vehicle, at a table or desk, or walking, the gun is readily available. Don Hume makes a dandy holster, the JIT model, which works great for either a strong side or crossdraw carry.

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    I have a Sure Set Holster Mount attached to the floor between the driver and passenger floorboards. Here's a photo from their website:

    Their website is :

    I just put a hat over the gun if I'm leaving it in the vehicle for any reason.

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    All good ideas.
    I stick mine,in the holster,in between the passenger seat and the center consolewith a piece of paper or something against the clip so it don't scratch the console.It's easily and quickly accessible,and I can throw something over it to cover it up at a traffic light or stop sign or in case I get pulled over by a LEO ,so they don't panic.
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    The New MINI ('07 or newer on the R56 platform) has an interesting feature... A push on the dash panel above the glovebox opens a hidden compartment just big enough for a small frame automatic. VERY cool! When I get back on my feet . . . foot . . . I'll take a picture and post it here.
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    I found a very functional and reasonable car holster made by DeSantis called the Kingston™ Car Seat Holster. It is very practicle, affordable and makes alot of sense. Check it out and you might like it:
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    I carry a S&W 5904 in 9mm under my seat in my truck. I have a nylon holster with an adjustable strap, I just wrapped that around the frame on the seat. And I rigged some heavy wire to support the other end.
    I have to bend down as far as I can to reach it, but if I'm being shot at or whatever, I would be ducking at first anyway. But you can't even see it unless you put your face on the floor board, and shine a flashlight under the seat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfdtuzolto View Post
    I found a very functional and reasonable car holster made by DeSantis called the Kingston™ Car Seat Holster. It is very practicle, affordable and makes alot of sense. Check it out and you might like it:
    The one flaw that I notice just from looking at the picture is that the user would be sitting on a plastic buckle that's rather large for comfort. Maybe a fixture on the front of the seat, without the accompanying belt, would make it easier to use.
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    How Do You Carry In Your Vehicle

    How do you carry in your vehicle? When I was living in Nevada I was able to carry in the open which is what I prefer. I would have my gun in a slim nylon holster that I took the belt clip off of and stuck it in between my seat and console. All I have to do is ready down and grab it.

    Here is Florida, I currently carry my Glock 23 in my car at all times since my G26 is now my carry gun. Right now I leave it in the center console as I can't have it in the open unless it is in a holster with a thumb break. But I will be ordering one this week so that I can start carrying it back between the seat and console.

    I just think it is too hard and would take too long to try and get to my concealed gun while in my car whether it was on my body or in the console itself.

    Thought and opinions?

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    It kind of depends on the time of the year and how I am carrying. For instance in fall or winter when the weather is cooler I often wear a leather vest from Coranaco Leather. This has inside gun pockets on each side and so my gun/guns are in them when in the car. At other times when using a regular holster I take out my firearm and carry it in the console for comfort and easy access.
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