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Thread: Any suggestions for a IWB Glock G 36 holster

  1. G36

    I carry my G36 in a Remora No Clip holster... or a Don Hume 100
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrRisto View Post
    Traded my S&W Sigma for a Glock G 36.

    Haven't shot it yet but I am enjoying the feel of the Glock and I like the fact that it's a 45 auto.

    I am looking to carry all the time and was thinking about the following holsters. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    C Tac holster
    Cross breed SuperTuck Deluxe
    Milt sparks Holster

    Thanks in advance!
    SuperTuck is great can't go wrong but if you want to save some $$ and not wait 8-10 weeks for it to be made, look at the Galco KingTuk. You can just pick it up at most gun shops. It's built a little tougher than the supertuck, the only concern I have with it is summertime carry. Like I said it's built with a little thicker leather like most traditional hip holsters are then has a saddle leather on the inside. Witch may not be comfortable directly on your skin. I've got a ST for my Sigma and although I don't carry it anymore, its pretty comfortable, I'm carrying my Glock 26 in a N82 Tactical holster, cheap well made and comfortable, can't go wrong for $40. I also just got a Smartcarry the other day for when the weather heats up, I've only worn it a couple times but it's a lot more comfortable then you'd think it would be.

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    I'm partial to the Blade-Tech UCH. It's tuckable, and unless you're going commando (no briefs) it's quite comfortable.
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  5. I carry iwb model 36

    Crossbreed is the best I have found and I have tried several

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    Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe all the way!!! The only holster I buy now. I have a drawer full of "custom" holsters that are no where near as comfortable and twice the cost. Save yourself the time and money and buy one, it will be the last holster you ever buy.

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    For IWB, I favor TT Gunleather for my daily carry Glock 27 when wearing a suit.
    For casual wear, especially carrying during a long day, the Supertuck Deluxe is very comfortable.
    A great OWB is UBG Holster's Regulator with one-way snaps on their belt loops; hugs closely to the body like a pancake.

    Below: TT Gunleather Reinforced Mouth IWB Holster; Glock 27

    Below: Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe IWB; Glock 27, S&W M&P 40

    Below: Regulator OWB with sharkskin trim and loops, front and back; Glock 27

    UBG Holsters also makes the IWB Canute, which is a great IWB with only a 3-4 week wait.

    Below: UBG Holsters Canute IWB, front and back; Glock 27

    Hope this helps.

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    I carry a G27 in a White Hat Holsters Maxtuck. Its of the Crossbreed Clone variety, price is right, with quick delivery.

    If you want, you can order extra kydex scabbards and use the same holster for multiple guns.

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    I like the idea of interchangeable scabbards. What is WHH's typical wait time?

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    Got mine in like a week exactly. I can post up some pics if you want.

    Email the owner tony. He is a quick and great reply.


  11. Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    I also carry a Glock 36, and I've tried many different holsters over the years, but have only been completely satisfied with one. Check this place out: THE HOLSTER STORE |

    They are a small, family owned business in Florida. Their prices are great and the quality is surprisingly excellent. I bought the Pro Carry LT and a spare mag holder, and I couldn't be happier. Leather working is just one of those professions that are still better made by people rather than machines in giant factories.

    First, thank you for your kind remarks! Since you listed our website into this into this post, I figured I might as well offer the entire forum a discount on our holsters.

    You guys feel free to use promo code: uscarry

    My name is Travis and I currently do work with the rest of my family. We support all gun forums and we do support the second amendment.

    Thanks and God Bless

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