best scope for a Redhawk
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Thread: best scope for a Redhawk

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    best scope for a Redhawk

    wanted to get some opinions on what type of scope I should put on my redhawk. I want to be able to hunt deer with the gun anybody have any suggestions?

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    I have a Leupold and it has been good to me. The guy at the gun store thought they were good back then ('89), so...
    Leupold || Handgun Scopes
    The Burris line of scopes are suppost to be good for the price.
    Burris Handgun Scopes

    Nikon has a line of scopes for handguns, Nikon optics are legendary
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    Listen to Ric,,,,,I wouldnt let him shoot at ME!!
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    I was thinking that I did not have any links saved for Bushnell scopes. I found their web sight but can not figure out which scope has a long eye relief for a Handgun. I'd be curious one which one to use too.

    Tredoa377, There is something else to consider... Holsters, I have been using that ugly ol' Uncle Mike's for years. It covers the Gun and scope in foul weather, But sometimes too noisy in underbrush.

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