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    Hello everybody and Happy New Year. I am new to this forum and I would like to get some opinions. To help you out here is some info. I have a S&W M&P 9c. I live in Florida so therefore I usually dress in shorts and a polo shirt tucked in. This also includes going to work. I really like the idea of the High Noon Holsters. I don't know if I should go with cowhide or horsehide and whether or not it should cant. I will carry between 3 and 5. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome Jumeda33, I have 3 high noon holsters, and all of them are cowhide. They work great for me. From what I have read and heard from other gunowners, horsehide is better at repelling water. This would be a huge plus for you being in Florida, where you will be near the ocean, and sweating all over the holster.

    As for the cant, well that is more of a matter of preferance. All of my holsters have a 15 degree cant, which I think conceals the butt of the gun better (at least in my opinion). I have 2 downunders, and a tailgunner all with the steel spring clip.

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    Since I've been hurt by horses in the past [kicked, stomped, and rolled on] I recommend horsehide

    As to kant I use "0" zero kant so I can draw with either hand, by reaching behind my back.
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    I have heard horsehide is the best. It is more expensive I know that.
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    My word to you on high noon is spend the extra money and get a holster that puts leather between you and the whole gun. I bought one of their lower cost holsters that does not have the full backing and the slide digs my side thru my tee shirt. It was a difference of about $50.00 that I did not spend and I wish I would have.

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    Keeps persperation away from gun. Better choice in Florida, due to heat/humidity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GHF View Post
    Keeps persperation away from gun. Better choice in Florida, due to heat/humidity.
    Heat + Humidity= Horsehide

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    The Horsehide tends to remain stiff over a longer period of time and hold it's form, even under sweat and humidity. I have several Kramer holsters in horsehide, and while the cowhide holsters are just fine, the horsehide does tend to last longer and resist the excess stretching or becomming too loose. Don't get me wrong, it will break in normally, but just tends to be tougher over the years when exposed to sweat, humidity and such.
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    Horse hide has a tighter grain than cow hide. Dyes will not soak into it which is why it comes in a natural color. Bought a super tuck in horse hide. Very comfortable.
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    I like horsehide and will usually go with it if there is an option. It never looks as sharp as cowhide but from a functionality stand point, I like it's benefits over cow.

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