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Thread: g36 Night Sights - HELP

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    g36 Night Sights - HELP

    Looking to get night sights on my g36. Thought about Trijicon but then someone mention Tru Glow because they glow in the day and at night. Then there are options of all green or orange green red & green. Help Please as I can't afford every possible combination. I've done research and but I would like to know what you guys use & why.


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    i use trijicon. Heres why.

    Trijicon 3-Dot night sight sets are designed and assembled with the optimum combination of strength and safety. The patented aluminum cylinder and lens construction cannot be equaled. The
    brightness obtained from the tritium content is focused through the sapphire lens to give the maximum possible illumination. And because the sight blades are machined from steel rather than cast, their strength is unsurpassed. Trijicon night sights are the brightest, strongest and safest. all in all i look for quality over quantity. and trijicon you cant go wrong. ive never used tru glo so i wouldnt be in the know on that subject.

    just my two nickels worth. good luck man.

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