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    Got another one today... pics yet..., but they are coming.

    I used to carry (for about 10 years) a Kimber Ultra Carry (all Black / .45)...

    Tried a wide variety of carry holsters over the years, hip, shoulder (horizontal & vertical), small of back (my favorite), ankle and even holsterless in my pockets...

    Finally swapped it out a little while back when i started carrying my S&W Airweight... (again, small of back works best for me)...

    Well, I couldn't stand it... my buddy owns a gun shop & i use him as my transfer for auctions & such..., as well as purchase firearms from him frequently...

    Well, he called me yesterday afternoon & informed me that he just got in a new Kimber, Crimson Carry, Ultra pistol and he "put it away" until I wanted to come by & took a look at it... So, in other words, he set the hook.

    Stopped by there this morning, and, you guessed it... we found a new home for that little .45 w/a red eye!

    Just had to tell someone who would appreciate it..., my wife didn't show near the excitement that I had anticipated.
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    Great gun, congratulations! Yep, wives are like that, take her out for a nice dinner.
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    Sweet! Congrats! Please do post some pics.

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    yes we wanna see:)
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
    yes we wanna see:)
    Semper Fi

  7. Nice Choice!

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