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    Need advice on holsters for C.C. for person thats needs to diet. (XP Sub compact,MP compact ,Bersa thunder) Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrabush View Post
    Need advice on holsters for C.C. for person thats needs to diet. (XP Sub compact,MP compact ,Bersa thunder) Thanks in advance

    I'd recommend checking out the local gun shops and use their blue guns to try out different varieties. See what's comfortable for you, then make your purchase. What you don't want to do is buy anything without trying it on. Galco makes some excellent "off the shelf" holsters. Keep in mind that when selecting a holster, you want something that will keep it's shape and will securely hold the firearm in place. You don't want your firearm popping out when it shouldn't. Be sure to get a good belt that works well with your holster. The belt will proivide a solid foundation to anchor your holster to.

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    Hey rrabush: Use the internet forums and search engines for holsters. This forum has holster sponsors and many opinions. You must do your due diligence. Variables include where you think you might want to carry (which could change based on trying some holsters at a gun shop or gun show)--pocket (I like pocket w/a small gun), in/out of waistband, other methods; leather or ballistic nylon or kydex (I like kydex--very thin and light and durable); price ($10 to easily $100 depending on materials and what various mfgrs can get) (I see no reason to spend more than $50 total); and return policy (may be the most important since what everyone else likes may not be for you). Bottom line--you gotta do your own homework--this holster is for YOU and no one else, no matter what anyone else says about a GREAT holster they just bought. Hope this helps--its gotta be your choice alone. If you need more help you can message me.

  5. I agree with Kelcarry on this one. If possible, you need to see the exact holster and check it for finger clearance. A lot of holsters are made by size and will fit several different models. If your gun is on the lower end of the size range, you may end up with the gun sitting a little too low in the holster for your fingers to get in between the holster and the grip frame (especially just behind the trigger guard). If you can't get a master grip on the gun smoothly, it will slow your draw or cause you to draw without having the gun already aligned properly in your hand.

  6. thanks for the imput, so far not much luck in stores in cincinnati oh area

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    Hey rrabush: Go on the internet-just key in "holsters", use this forum and others as a basis for opinions--use their "search" category at the top of the forums and key in "holsters"--you will see a host of threads and replies on many holsters. You've got to do some due diligence before deciding. Internet buying is probably the best way on a holster--there are so many, your local shop cannot begin to show you a real choice. Use the shop to get a better idea on pocket, in/out waistband etc etc for how you want to carry. If you are lucky, the shop may have something that really seems great---don't go over $50 unless a holster mfgr or the shop allows for return--otherwise you may spend a lot of money for nothing.

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    IWB or OWB?

    I like DeSantis for OWBs. The fit is good and the leather is good quality. Cost is a little more, but quality and comfort are worth the cost. Don Hume makes some good ones also.

    I love the CrossBreed SupertTuck for the IWB... CrossBreed allows 2 weeks for a try it period. Gotta love that...

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    If your a heavier dude, IWB might not be to comfortable for you. There are so many holsters available to you. Unfortunately, most gun stores do not have a very wide selection and the only way to really get a full flavor of whats out there is ordering on the internet. You could usually get good opinions from others on the forums. I hate to tell you but sometimes its just hit or miss. I have 2 drawers full of holsters and I honestly dont use many of them! lol
    What I will say is...invest in a good quality holster and belt. You will be happy you did. Check out UBG Holsters he makes nice stuff and he's affordable...good luck bro.

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