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Thread: Kydex, Leather, Other?

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    I used to use Fobus in early days for my P95 but soon went to leather.

    Currently my 226 sits in a K&D Eagle Defender OWB . excellent rig and holds in tight - despite now having been worn daily 2 1/2 years.
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    I prefer SmartCarry for summertime carry and a fobus paddle holster under a jacket or coat for fall and winter carry. The trick to keeping one's gun accessible while carrying in a SmartCarry is to wear loose-fitting pants without a belt. Tight fitting pants and belts make it more difficult to acces your gun. The one thing I do have problems with, however, is drawing my weapon while sitting. Does anyone have any suggestions on that?
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  4. This old dog tried the new trick holsters made from Kydex and even the carbon fiber, but returned to what has worked for him for over 3 decades. Good old leather. It can be made into a true work of art, to not only showcase a special weapon but to also securely retain and protect that weapon. I tried IWB carry with several Kydex style holsters and was about to give it up until I tried my shooting budies Milt Sparks. I never thought a holster could be so comfortable. I like the way the Versa Max 2 has straps fore & aft to securely lock the holster in place, preventing it from rocking back & forth when walking, sitting or even running. I also like the way the straps pull the holster around your body shape, mine being rounder than most, aiding in the concealment of the gun and holster. I also have the Brommeland Max Con V built on a similar platform as the VM2 but made of thinner material allowing for a more discrete carry. I really prefer the leather and the beauty and feel of what can be done with them. One holster that I have been looking at, that is a hybrid like the Crossbreed is one made by Mr. Tucker of Tucker Gunleather here in Texas. I think If I were to make any changes, that holster might a harder look by this old dog.


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    I prefer leather iwb. I have not tried a kydex iwb, however. I do have some owb kydex and they are fine. I just think an iwb kydex would be uncomfortable. I do use kydex magazine holders though.

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    DeSantis and Don Hume. Like 'em both, but Hume seems to have the better quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smokewagon View Post
    DeSantis and Don Hume. Like 'em both, but Hume seems to have the better quality.
    I've got one of both. They're nice, but I find myself always using my UBG Canute IWB. It's perfect for me. All leather, all the time. I like the feel better.

  8. The God made features in leather can't be reproduced by man. I'm a super fan of Milt Sparks and even Galco. I have some Krammer stuff and a holster on order with Mark Garrity.

    Leather is THE way to go in my opinion!
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  9. Leather for me

    I like the Kydex, but I am a real fan of leather.

    I just received my new Bonneville from UBG... complete with sharkskin face. I have to say that it an incredible work of art. Support and retention are absolutely wonderful. Got a mag carrier too.

    I'll get some pics up soon.
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  10. Oops...I forgot to post the pictures:

    IWB Holsters

    Milt Sparks Versa Max 2

    Brommeland Max Con V

    Tucker Heritage
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  11. OWB Holsters

    Don Hume 721 OT

    Tucker HF1

    DeSantis Scabbard

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