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Thread: Kydex, Leather, Other?

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    I primarily use Don Hume 721 and 711 holsters... but I do really like my CQC SERPA, as well. I also liked the Milt Sparks VM2... I need to get another one for my next carry pistol (Sig P220 Carry SAS).

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    I use a hybrid. Comptac MTAC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by utarch00 View Post
    I use a hybrid. Comptac MTAC.
    I want to get one of those to try out. I like how you can buy just the molds to change out for each gun instead of having to buy a whole new holster.

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    Kydex vs. Leather

    I like the Fobus Kydex holsters that I have. Much of my work is done in either hot, humid or hot and humid climates. The Kydex does well for the light weight and isn't affected by the humidity. I like the secure fit that the Fobus Kydex holsters provide. I do have a couple of IWB nylon holsters by Uncle Mike that serve it's purpose when concealment is an issue. For open carry situations, I have a Bianchi leather holster that does the job.

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    I have used mostly leather. I do have a Kydex Fobus paddle holster, but I never use it. I really want a Crossbreed for my Ruger P345. There is just something about leather that I like. However, the Ruger is pretty big and I thought the thin Kydex might work well with it.

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    I have on Kydex, a Blackhawk. All the rest of my holsters are leather. Guess I am just old fasion but I like the feel, smell, and looks of leather.
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    echo_5 Guest

    Thumbs up carry methods

    kydex IWB from FIST-inc.

    or P3AT w/ pocket clip
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    I like my Kydex. I used Fobus for a lot of years and love everyone I have. Since I've started making my own I like it even better. My IWB Kydex holsters makes it easy to re-holster after pulling my weapon. Leather has a tendency to close up and hard to re-holster. I can heat it up and mold it to my weapon and body. This summer I'll be able to carry something other than my pocket weapon. :D
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    Overall I like Kydex best not only is it easier to reholster, but it repels body sweat.
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  11. On Duty it's the issued nylon crap.

    Off Duty I prefer leather. In fact I prefer custom leather that I have to wait for. Matt Del Fatti and Milt Sparks make great holsters, and they really aren't too much more exspensive than the "off the shelf" stuff, but are heaps better in comfort and concealability.

    One other thing; always use a good gunbelt with your holster. The belt is the foundation, much like the foundation of a house. If the foundation is no good it doesn't matter what they house on top of it is like.


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