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Thread: Holster for my S&W SW40VE Sigma

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    I found a comfortable inside the waistband holster for my .40VE for $12 at the gun show. All it has is velcro straps along with the pressure from your belt to hold it in which doesn't do much if someone tries to take it from you. But I've jumped and ran around like an idiot trying to get it to come loose but it won't. IMHO the comfort and usability far exceeds the meager price. It's some sort of fabric material and I can't remember the exact name but i'll find out tomorrow and let you know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishingnut View Post
    Look these up. I have one that I carry about 90% of the time and I don't know that I have it on. My wife can't tell if I am carring unless she feels it.
    They hold the gun with slight pressure retention.

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    Check out Acecase.com
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    Still can't make my mind up. Super Tuck seems like a popular one.

  6. I have the same gun and a similar holster to the one you mentioned on e-bay. I like it, I actually got it from a local gun shop for about $20. It seems really bulky when I first put it on, but with in 30-45 mins i don't notice it anymore unless i think about it. I put it in my waist band at 4 o'clock and although I am self-conscious about it, no one (including my wife) notices wearing cargo shorts and a t-shirt.

    Only downside is getting it back in if I pull it out. I usually have to loosen my belt....
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by milkmood View Post
    I've been eyeballing one of these for my Sigma 40.

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    what weapon model would you select for the sw40ve sigma would it be the thumb drive sig 228/229 rh. the reason i ask is one i am new to this and two when i see sig i think sigsauer and not sigma

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    Mackenzie Holsters has them I was going to get one for my Sigma but I sold it so I know they carry them. Great price and great quality half the price of other Hybrids and lifetime warranty. Email them they will even give you a promo code for discount. www.mackenzieholsters.com

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