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    Smile Unrestricted Erie County Permit Buffalo NY

    How did you receive an unrestricted pistol carry permit in Erie County? I received mine this year. I told the judge about property in a drug infested area, my military experience (I had a weapons specialty), and over a decade with a target permit. I applied and it was upgraded in 2 months.

  3. Knows Better

    Greetings from a newly UNRESTRICTED Erie county permit holder. My wife and I applied for unrestricted NYS pistol permits back in august of 09. We were told it would take about four months to get the decision. At the time we had had our target and hunting permits for five years. Since over six months had passed we called the permit department and were told that our upgrades had been approved and letters mailed out in Oct 2009. We never got the letters as didn't others we have talked to since then. Needless to say we were thrilled and went downtown that very day and got the restrictions removed from our permits. It seems like there has been a change of heart regarding unrestricted permits in Erie count NY. The Heller decision maybe ? I didn't ask. LOL

    until later, Knows Better

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    My question isnt about Erie Co. but i do have a related question about the NYS carry permit process.

    Ive asked this question on several other threads and i am seeking as much information as possible. Do either of you two know how Columbia Co. NY is in regards to issuing unrestricted permits? Im thinking about moving to that area from Oregon, but i wont unless i can secure a carry permit when i get there.

    I have 5 years law enforcement exp, I am currently a state certified armored car courier, and have had my state carry permit for 20 years. Does NYS take any of that into consideration when applying for a carry permit? What kind of "good cause" does one need to put on the application and how long does it take to become a NY res?

    Any info or suggestions would be great.


  5. Columbia county NY

    Sorry, I can't be much help on this one, but I did check out thier County web site. Go to the county clerks page and then pick pistol permits off of the menu. They are boasting about thier services at the pistol permit dept. This seems like a good omen. also, At first glance I notice that it's generaly a rural county ( a plus) however it is rather close to the State capitol where all our goofy laws originate.

    Columbia County, New York Homepage

    Hope this helps a little, Knows Better

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    Could you give an update of the "Heller" case?

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    I do not know about that county but I do know friends who were retired or ex police officers who moved to NYS both had no problems getting unrestricted permits.

  8. Heller vs District of Columbia

    The SCOTUS sided with Heller . Agreeing that the 2nd amendment protects an individuals right to keep and bare arms for self defence in the federal enclave of Washington DC.

    The next big decision is McDonald vs Chicago, hoping to expand the Heller decision to all the states. The SCOTUS will release this decision in June.

    Later, KB

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    Thanks for the info. I will check into it.

    Stay safe.

  10. Question Unrestricted Pistol Permit

    I've had my pistol permit (with a hunting/target restriction) for about two years now, and I've planned on getting the restrictions removed as soon as I was legally able. Every gun owner I've spoken to has a different story about the process involved, from how long I have to wait to begin the process to the fees (if any, again, I've heard several variations and therefore I'm confused as hell about it) and wait times. I live in Hamburg, NY (Erie County). Does anyone know what the process entails, as well as any prerequisites I will have to fulfill? Thanks.

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