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    Try UBG Holsters UBG Holsters Nate makes a really nice, rigid leather gun belt. Very reasonable on the price too. He's offering a "Facebook" coupon right now. Also, Wilderness Instructor Belts are good rgid belts Tactical Belts, Duty Belt, Military Belt, Instructor Belt and used by the folks at Gunsite.

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    I don't think this will help, but a local LEO/Uniform store sells hand made Horse hide belts made by a group of Amish in Indiana. About $35 ... 1 1/2 or 1 3/4 wide by 3/16 thick. OH BOY are they nice. Next time I'm down there I'll get a business card for mailing/shipping. Maybe they can ship one.
    Do you have contact #. Would like to see if they will ship to FL. Semper Fi Devil Dog

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    Re: Best belt?

    His page says he does not take phone calls. Emails only.

    He made me a holster and I can say he was very fast and responsive.

    Edit... Oops I replied the the wront post, I was talking about UBG holsters, not the Amish.

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    While I've no idea what the "best" belt may be I can say that I'm using an Amish Belt I purchased from Hank's Clothing several months back and it's still holding strong! I use this belt to carry both IWB and OWB. I've never had any problem with the gun sagging nor has the belt stretched at all. Best of all, this is quite probably the cheapest option you'll find around that is effective.

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    I have a blackhawk cqc belt that works for me. Its good at holding up the weight and doesnt break the bank.

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    Wilderness Tactical 5 stitch belt or Galco dress belt. That way you are covered for casual or dress.
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    Old Faithful holsters has a belt kit you can but for $40 and all you have to do is get some shoe dye and dye the belt.
    It's a pretty good deal.

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