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Thread: What's your prefered carry method?

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    it depends

    Well, when I am at the university I need to go deep cover just so that I don't get a "man on campus with gun" called on me. Even though its legal in Utah, I have found that those who work at college do not always think like most of us do. For deep cover, I carry my bersa 9 UC in a smart carry holster. I must say I have been impressed with the comfort and concealment ability of this design. You look odd as you draw, but who cares. Unfortunately, I like a quicker draw than my fastest out of this holster. When I am off campus, I go IWB period. If I am in a dangerous area somewhere out there, I got owb at 3:30 or so. It really depends on the situation, although I practice draw from all posistions.

  3. I usually carry IWB with my MTAC holster, but sometimes around the house I use a Fobus paddle holster.

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    Thumbs up RE: What's your prefered carry method?

    I like the pager pal, I saw it demoed at a recent gun show here in Las Vegas...

    its the bomb...


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    I voted for IWB because that's how I carry 95% of the time. I either use a Galco IWB or the SmartCarry rig. I am however looking at the FIST Crossdraw holster for when I am in the car.

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    I prefer IWB at 4 o'clock. I use a blade-tech.com/Blade-Tech-Ultimate-Concealment-Holster-pr-821.html

    It works great especially if you have to do alot of bending over.
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  7. I have been using a Smartcarry holster for about 2 years. I weigh about 200 lbs and about 6ft tall. I have tried several other holsters, and have not yet found anything that works as well for comfort and concealment. I tried the PagerPal and it was not comfortable to sit down. As long as you are standing, or walking it is great.

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    OWB. To me IWB is just to uncomfortable. During hot weather if I am not wearing enough cloths to cover my weapon I will use a fanny pack. In cold weather I sometimes use a vest or jacket designed with a pocket/holster.

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    Talking the smartcarry option

    I've had the smart carry for several months now, and I'm thinking about getting another one. It is much more comfortable than one would believe, to the point where you can forget you have it. I use mine for a smith & wesson 9mm model 6906, as well as a smaller Bersa thunder 380. You cannot detect them, and with very little adjustment you can keep it comfortable, and even a place for an extra mag. It isn't as fast on the draw as say an OWB, but when stealth counts and it's too hot for a lot of concealment clothing, it's much better on you, than locked in your car. I've got the levi's blue model, but I think I'll get a white one, so if the back strap happens to slip up a little, it'll blend with my chonies (underwear) and not be so noticeable.

  10. Probably OWB most of the time but depending on the situation it might be IWB, Belly Band, Pocket Carry, or a Shoulder Holster.

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    I started cc with a SmartCarry, but I need all the room I can get down there. I have moved to IWB with my Springfield XD-45 compact.
    XD-45 Compact in a CrossBreed Super-Tuck here.

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