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    99 60.37%
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Thread: What's your prefered carry method?

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    90% is a Milt Sparks versa max II holding a Kimber Ultra CDP. The 10% is a Colt Pocketlite Mustang (full CDP) in a uncle mikes pocket holster.
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    Sigh...here it goes

    Well, no one else brought it up but I carried my Sigma 9VE and CZ-40 SOB slightly off-centered to the right. Yeah I know all the arguments about what if I fall on it but I don't go to work everyday facing probable knock-down, drag-out fights so I accept the risk. Only twice in my life have I ever fallen full flat on my back other than in training situations. If I was a police or security officer, I would rethink this but, again, the risk seems acceptable for the added concealment. Also, I may be shaped different but I never had a problem sitting down with it in my car, office or home. I did occasionally hear a "THUNK" if I wasn't paying attention and sat down too quick on wooden pews at church or in some restaurants with wooden or negligible padding on the bench seats. Also, I had to avoid those funky, cheap office chairs since occasionally the butt would catch under the chair back. I stood up once and the chair came with me.
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  4. Kahr OM 9 in a UBG IWB. About 8:30. (I'm a lefty.) I can forget it's there.

  5. Keltec 9mm or glock 27 at 33o on belt clip works well with my florida garb. In winter I change from tee shirt to button up shirt and shorts.

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    echo_5 Guest

    Thumbs up carry methods

    When packin' my P99 I use a kydex IWB at 4 o'clock.With my Kel Tec I purchased the optional belt clip (resembles a Clip Draw). It goes clipped to my front jeans pocket or waist depending on the length of my shirt.

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    So far my ideal carry for my Rossi 4" .357 is an Uncle Mike's IWB, worn between my belt and pants. Its quick and easy to put on and take off, and a decent length shirt covers it easily. It would be nice to find one that carried a bit higher, so the search continues for the elusive "ideal" holster.

  8. Carry Method

    XD .40 sub IWB 4 o'clock....never leave home without it

  9. My "preferred" is shown in the PICS. It's a S&W 22-4 with a 4" Barrel and a Milt Sparks Summer Special II.

    I also carry a J-Frame in my weak side pocket and reloads for both guns. This is my everyday off duty carry. On duty I carry what they issue me. :)


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    I just carry a little .380 for right now.I just stick the holster inside the back of my pants when I actually'carry' it and wear another shirt or a jacket.It's about the only way to really conceal it.

  11. OWB 686

    Pocket 642

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