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  • OWB

    34 20.73%
  • IWB

    99 60.37%
  • Pocket

    16 9.76%
  • Other

    15 9.15%
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Thread: What's your prefered carry method?

  1. I carry just about everything IWB.

    My 75% carry is a Wilson Stainless Professional in a Milt Sparks Versa Max 2

    I also carry a Springfield XD45 Service in a Brommeland Max Con V 15% of the time

    10% Primary Carry and 100% BUG is my Taurus PT-145 in a Tucker IWB or the right front pocket

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    90% of the time IWB, like to keep my pockits free for other stuff, OWB kind of waisted my money on so far, but at least I have them, there paid for, so if needed I will have them.
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    It varies for my Sig 229 from IWB in a Galco Royal Guard to OWB in a Blackhawk serpa. For my Kahr CW9, 75% of the time it's in a Bob Mernickle OWB holster and 25% in a smartcarry type rig. My SP101 rides in a Don Hume OWB.

    Of all these, I PREFER OWB for comfort.

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    I've decided to try the crossbreed super tuck deluxe. Ordered it a couple of days ago. Can't wait to try it out: www.crossbreedholsters.com
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    I also use a gun wallet with my Smith 442:

    Its very comfortable

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    While I voted IWB, it really depends on the weather and cloths I'm wearing. OWB (Belt Carry) is a little more comfortable and is how I carry in the cooler weather.

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    Preferred carry method

    For concealed carry I use the SmartCarry holster. Occasionally I use the attached ClipDraw when driving. Lastly I use an OWB for IDPA and USPSA matches. I only have one pistol, an S&W M&P 45 with Crimson Trace LaserGrips.
    I carry a gun because I can't carry a cop!
    EDC Primary: M&P45fs, Crimson Trace LaserGrips, Insight XTI Procyon light in SmartCarry holster
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  9. Well it all depends currently I carry a HK USP .40 OWB becasue I can concealt it a little better, but like most others as the weater warms up I usually go IWB with my G23

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    I always have the Kel Tec P3AT in my pocket. Other than that I usually have the CZ P01 in a Biachi paddle holster or the XD(sc in a Desantis paddle holster.
    I find IWB carry very uncomfortable but if I ever find a way to carry IWB that feels ok --Ill do that too

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    I'm new here and thought I would add too this poll. Right now it's an IWB at about 4 oclock. I would also like to do "in the pocket". I ordered a pocket holster that I should be getting in the next day or so. I want to see how that holster works. As far as the warm weather that will be approaching, I'll have to try OWB too! Man, so many. Right now it's IWB.

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