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    Crossdraw holster

    I'd like to get a good belt crossdraw holster to use when I go hunting in the fall,either for my S&W Mdl 10-5 2" or my 640-1. The handguns aren't my primary weapon so I'd like one that fits high on my left side.
    Anyone have any suggestions?

  3. You might try a crossdraw or shoulder rig from PRO-TECH. Another option is a FOBUS ROTO holster which lets you change the cant 360 degrees for carry in any position. You can check them out here: TIBA LLC

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    K.L.Null, Vampire crossdraw. Easy conceal, goes anywhere. Best I've ever had, love it.

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  5. I had Ray at Lobogunleather make a crossdraw holster for my S&W 642. I have the 1-SL and it has the fit you're describing. I'm very satisfied with it.
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