Summer clothing and concealment
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Thread: Summer clothing and concealment

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    Summer clothing and concealment

    So my observation by walking through the airport is that an untucked button down shirt with a t-shirt or a sports jersey are the best for concealing a gun (ITWB or holster at 400).

    Even oversized t shirts worn untucked look like they would indicate Printing.

    I have a camera vest that works but who in the heck wears those outside of being on a safari.

    Sorry about all of these questions but my shirts are either Tommy Bahama Silk shirts or Microfiber golf shirts. None of those do.

    I notice that printed shirts with plaid or cross hatch styles seem to trick the eyes. Even with some printing, the shirt design seems to obscure it.

    Any other clothing options aside from 5-11 tactical gear?

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    I typically wear an untucked tshirt with an unbuttoned and untucked denim shirt over my IWB holster. I know that's 2 layers to move to get to my gun but provides the best concealment for me. I'm 6'2 280lbs so concealment presents it's challenges. I have noticed, like you, that a patterned shirt helps hide any printing, particularly a darker shirt. I have a button down that is a Hawaiian print but is black and white so it works well. Even plain colored dark shirts are better than light ones. You just have to play with your wardrobe and see what works for you. I've only been carrying for 3 weeks so I'm still figuring this out. Good luck!

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    wolfhunter Guest
    If you carry IWB, put your cell phone on your belt in line with the holster. The hem of an untucked shirt can be stuck between the cell phone and belt and any bulge or printing will be assumed to be the shirt bunching up because of the cell phone.

    Camouflage AND concealment.

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    In the summer, I wear Hawaiian print shirts or any type of crazy patterned shirt that breaks up the outline of my gun. Check out Columbia....scroll down to bottom of the page at this link Columbia | Men's Shirts, Long & Short Sleeve, Tank Tops, Tee Shirts Also check out Wilderness Shirts here Wilderness Sonoran Shirts - Wilderness Tactical Products, LLC

    Columbia also makes excellent cargo shorts and I have found that they have right sized pockets for packing my S&W 340PD snubbie in either the cargo pocket or in the deep front pockets.

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    .....Also...I buy all of my Columbia stuff at TJ Maxx or Marshals....saves big $$$$!

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    I actually carry with a T-Shirt quite often..

    So here is my routine - I'm 6'1" and 200 lbs..

    1) I live in Florida where casual is the norm...

    2) I carry a SCCY CPX-1 9mm (Nearly identical in size to a KT P-11

    3) I have an AceCase left hand holster that I wear at 5 O'Clock, so the butt of the gun points toward my right side. This aids significantly toward concealment
    ...............................This is a RIGHT hand holster pitctured

    4) I then have some old 1980's "Wife Beater" t-shirts that are cotton, but are mesh (they tend to keep me warm in the winter and cool in the summer) I put this mesh t-shirt on 1st and tuck the bottom into my underwear (I know TMI!), this keeps the t-shirt from moving, shifting, bunching.

    5) I then throw either a large (XL actually) button down shirt over (Hawaii style) or I wear a large T-shirt (XL actually!).. I have found that Black T-shirts also hide printing pretty well IF you have taken steps to minimize the print profile of your gun in the 1st place (size, placement & orientation of gun) - I have lots of Biker T-shirts (which frequently come in black and the designs add distraction to the eye)

    That's it.. The only bad routine for me is I "shirt tug" a lot.. A T-shirt or even button down will catch between the gun and my back if I bend over. SO, I do tug a lot.. Which is a "tell", but I don't print enough (even bending over) that anyone would tell unless that exactly what they were looking for..
    ( You will probably NOT get away with this if you carry a big gun. I chose the gun I carry for LOTS of reasons, but conceal-ability was a major factor)

    On a side note:
    I was at a benefit dinner for "Sand Soldiers of America" the other night..
    There was a guy sitting at the next table with a Hawaii cut style shirt - Black - with Harley Davidson Racing stitched on the back. When he stood up, he had an OWB KYDEX holster exposed about 3" at 3 O'Clock.
    Since he was two feet away from me I just leaned over and whispered in his ear, "You may want to give your shirt a tug". He did, and never looked back, ever.. Because of the table he was sitting at, I actually think he was an off-duty Police officer..

    Gulf Coast, Floriduh
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    Semi-OT Newbie Question (please don't hurt me! )

    "Printing" - when your CCW isn't quite so Concealed, I take it? Basically along the lines of wearing a T-Shirt over your holster that shows off the fact that you've got a pistol in a holster under your shirt?

    Just wanting to confirm that. I ask just so that there's no doubt in my mind on the subject. I've seen the phrase used a couple of times in different posts and figure that's what it means, but I want to know.

    And knowin's half the battle!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Griffworks View Post
    Semi-OT Newbie Question (please don't hurt me! )

    "Printing" - when your CCW isn't quite so Concealed, I take it? Basically along the lines of wearing a T-Shirt over your holster that shows off the fact that you've got a pistol in a holster under your shirt?
    Yep, the weapon is covered but its outline, or part of it, is visible. Just a bulge that might attract attention could be considered printing.
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    OK, thanks! I had a feeling that's what it was. Couldn't find a solid definition, tho.

    Thanks again.

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    Frankly, I thought the Tommy Bahama Hawaiian style shirts seem to be cut rather large, and the prints help to mask the printing of most any gun. The option to wear the shirt unbuttoned with a contrasting T-Shirt underneath may be also an option.
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