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  1. I carry my spare mag in a clip on mag pouch on my off side hip about 90% of the time. Almost all of them are Don Hume model 417's but I got a Bianchi to carry my back up Para Ordnance mag in (it was in stock at the local gunshop and I prefer to buy from them rather than order online).

    In the winter time (or what passes for winter in the deep South), I occasionally just stick it into the off side lower pocket of my jacket instead. Normally, this is only on days where I'm gonna end up leaving the coat unzipped. The added weight of the spare mag keeps the coat from flying open every time the wind blows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billsimswill View Post
    Thanks for the welcome.All said is true and i can relate to what you are saying. I have 4 semi auto handguns that I carry with thousands of rounds thru each with no issues at all that is why I have kept these 4. They are XD45C,XD40 service and XDSC9 and KahhrCW9.
    I will and do trust my life that any of these firearms will function when needed. That being said I due realize anything mechanical is pron to failure of some sort at anytime. I do not put myself in harms way knowingly so I feel safe leaving the house with a fully loaded magazine in the weapon and one in the glove box if really needed. Sometimes I do slip it in my back pocket but rarely.
    the same here , also carry a lcp

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    Quote Originally Posted by billsimswill View Post
    Locked and loaded in the weapon. I never carry an extra magazine but do have one in my car. If you can not get the job done with one magazine you are in a fire fight not a self defense situation or you are a really bad shot.
    ....provided you never have a malfunction. The Boy Scouts taught me "Always Be Prepared"....which is why I usually carry 2 spare mags and at minimum one spare. Standard operating procedure. Same reason spare tires are standard on vehichles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDR_Glock View Post
    I have been carrying a G23. What is best way to carry magazines?
    I carry a G23 also ,I think you only need 14 rds of hydrashok to the job,but I keep one in the car just in case

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    I carry at least 1 extra Mag in the car, if not 2 on my person in case SHTF but billsimswill if you need more than 1 mag, your either in a firefight and youre in serious trouble, or youre a horrible shot...That or youre defending yourself against a Mob, and youre in more trouble than you realize. I just look out for myself, incase 1 mag doesnt help, Ive got another to help myself gtfo of there.
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    I usually have a total of 3 mags. One in my first gun. A second in a back up gun and the third in a mag carrier.
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  8. Well seeing the i have Only 2 HG and as of lately i Carry XD40sc with a pearce grip on the 9rd giving it 10rd, and 12rd in a #2 holster(blackhawk) in the back pocket or side pocket..
    I have yet to carry my XDm40 ,but i will carry one extra mag in a mag pouch...

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    Usually, one spare mag in a back or side pocket, occasionally a mag carrier with two spares, especially if I am going out in the country for a shoot.
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    Lets not forget some times you just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Most mass shootings are the work or a single gun man but some times it's not and you need to be able to deal with all threats. When the shooting starts we have no idea if the BG/BG's have on body armor or if they are high on PCP of some other drug that allows them to feel no pain. I found carrying two mags on my side was to much and drove me nuts all day. So now I carry one if any and most of the time I leave it in the car. But I know my wife always has her Bersa 380 with her with back up mags so I feel no need to be uncomfortable all day carrying back up mags. Lets not forget it's your duty as a sheep dog to protect the flock until the Shepherd's arrive ( police).


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    I always have a spare mag in a belt pouch when I carry my 9mm or .45acp. I also carry a backup. You will be hard pressed to find me unarmed since I received my CHP. I know, someone will say something about carrying so much is a sign of poor shooting, but that isn't true at all...I'm an expert shot with my handguns and rifles.
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