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  1. I truely believe I am on my own in a bad situation. I carry 2 eight rounders (spares). It dont matter if I am in tucson or home. I learned in the corps. 5 minutes can feel like a hour when the crap hits the fan. I dont carry cause its a 2nd A right, I carry cause it might save my life. Its not a feel good thing. Its not about being comfortable. Its a different life style. I cant say you should carry 2 or more reloads but,,,, at least carry one! And the extra in the glove box DONT COUNT!! I have carried in a knife case on my belt or in a pocket. But now days I buy a dual mag pouch When I buy a new holster.

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    bcarroll, I certainly won't disagree with the senitments that you have expressed. I like the convenience of my Galco Miami Classic shoulder holster system. I can don it at a moments notice and I have a sidearm of respectable caliber, G22, and two spare magazines at hand.

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    Hi, All,
    I know this thread is old, but in case someone new looks at it, I'd like to add a few facts that lean me towards more ammo in a self-defense carry.

    First, on the earlier point that most encounters average no more than five shots. That is because the vast history of such things usually involved folks who didn't HAVE more than five shots to shoot.

    Second, as I look over the criminal acts these days, including such things as home burglaries, it is rare nowadays to find it "one on one". There are usually 2-5 perps. This is true up here in the PNW in muggings, burglaries, car snatches of occupied vehicles and many other events we are seeing.

    Third, depending on whether or not you get shot, and whether your gun malfunctions, you may find use not only for a spare mag, but a spare gun as well.
    No, I don't normally wear suspenders with my belt, but I do carry BUG and mags for both.

    Fourth, pls temper the previous statement with this nod to Glocks and other hi-caps: If your gun already has 17 in it, you may not need a spare mag, but it worn't hurt for the reasons previously stated by others. Also says you do need a BUG. My 1911 is quite reliable, but only carries 8+1.

    And, don't forget that the same data that told us about five shot limit fights also told us that on average, 80% of such rounds are MISSES. Means the average person who found themselves in a fight needed five shots to get one hit. Seems that panic does that to people, according to science.

    Just notes to consider. Insurance. May never need it. But my timing says I can reload by mag change faster than I can get a BUG out and into the fray.
    Best wishes to all who are here. Be safe.

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