Felt i had to throw the name of this company out there for anyone interested or not familiar with the name.
just bought 2 of these. One for my G30 and one for my G36. Great product. Leather for the 36 and retention kydex for my 30's. Top self quality. Full grain ,virgin leather with a tefllon lining to qicken the draw and preserve the guns finish. the kydex is great. it's the official holster for the idf . israeli defense force. police ,in other words. frontline contracts all holsters for all israeli's forces. police , army and the units not publicized openly. I rather buy american but these are imported and i have no problem giving some business to israel. especially because my wife was born there. so was Jesus. lol... i was born in brooklyn.
They are small , light , strong and any style you want. some real nice innovations coming out of this company. after all , they have to get it wright with enemies on all sides of them. you could see the line of producs at a company called ,i believe it's 7.62 percision or search it on google. i promise no affiliation with them on any level other than being a happy customer for 2 months that loves to find a great product that is not over priced and is unique in style and quality. If they are good enough for the mousaad, they rate with me.
f.i.s.t actually makes a nice holster but it's frontline for me from now on.
Very happy calling off the search for the perfect holster for my edc glocks. now i must dump all the supertucks and fobus's , galco's , mtac's and well ,you name it i have it.