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    Thumbs up Summer Wear from Ex Officio

    I went to a local Orvis store recently to pick up some fly fishing gear and came across this line of clothing from a company called Ex Officio. I tried on some Hawaiian style shirts and casual cargo shorts and knew right away these were winners for concealed carry! The print patterns on their Aloha style shirts break up the gun outline, and they are right sized and roomy to hang low enough and cover your sidearm. The shorts I bought have great cargo pocket storage without looking tactical at all. I like the internal pockets within the pockets for stowing my flashlight, folder and spare mag, without having said accessories showing. The shirts and shorts are very light weight, breathable and dry extremely fast! Case in point, I wore the Mai Tai Tiki shirt and Vent'r Shorts on all of the wet rides at Disney a couple of weeks ago and I was completely dry mere minutes after getting completely soaked. I will definitely be buying more styles and colors from these folks. Definitely check them out!

    PRODUCT: Mens Ventr Short (1030-1142) CATEGORY: Shorts

    PRODUCT: Mens Mai Tiki Short-Sleeve Shirt (1002-1186) CATEGORY: Short Sleeve Shirts
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    Besides the Ex Officio line, Orvis's "comfort waist" poplin, chino and denim pants are also functional for concealed carry.

    Recently I bought a couple of relaxed-fit "Puckerwear" shirts from Patagonia for hot weather hiking and discovered, after the fact, that they are not only very cool and appropriate for hot, humid SC summer weather, they work well to conceal a weapon.

    Men'sby Patagonia

    None of the Ex Officio, Orvis or Patagonia stuff is inexpensive, but if you don't mind the price they are very functional. I don't know about the Ex Officio line, but the Orvis and Patagonia items can frequently be bought drastically discounted at the end of the season. Hey, I can't tell this year's colors from last year's colors.
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