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    Living here in Texas ans with all that is happening on the border here, AZ and else where I am thinking it may be time to start taking a battle rifle with about 5 loaded magazines with me when I am able to do so. Never know when things are going to go south on us or perhaps I should say come from the south on us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by festus View Post
    I used to carry rolaids but lately have found that Zantac is better.
    With antacids and all my other meds my docs at the VA won't let me have a SHTF supply.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ropadope View Post
    With antacids and all my other meds my docs at the VA won't let me have a SHTF supply.
    yea the v.a. won't let me have a shtf load of meds either!

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    I'm curious. Besdies your firearm what gear does everyone carry on a daily basis? I carry a small pocket knife, small flashlight, and my phone.
    I don't want to lug around a bunch of stuff on my person, so I don't carry a bunch of gear. Aside from the pistol and reload (make that plural if it is a wheelgun carrying day because I carry at least 2 speedloaders when carrying one and normally in two different pockets), I carry a cellphone in my shirt or coat pocket, a small folding knife in my strong side front pocket and a bigger folder in my off side front pocket. My normal everyday knives are either a SOG Twitch II, a Bear Mfg 2 blade trapper or a Case Barlow in the front pocket and either a SOG Pentagon II or a CRKT M21-04 in the offside pocket. Throw a wallet, keys and can of Copenhagen in and that's what you'll find on me aside from loose change 'bout any day of the week.

    Flashlights (a 3 D Cell Maglight and a Surefire 6P are in the door and console respectively) and all the other stuff- 1 change of batteries for both flashlights, 1st aid kit, 3 meals worth of food, a couple gallons of water, clothing, blankets (2 space and 2 wool), a small set of camp cookware and fire irons, 100 rounds of self defense ammo and 100 rounds of jacketed or RNFP for all my normal carry guns and the .44 that lives in the truck console, 25 rounds of 2 3/4" buckshot, a box of high brass #6's for a E series '97 Winchester takedown that broken down in a locked hard case with a 28 inch barrel and a 20 inch one, a jungle hammock, 2 army surplus OD green ponchos that are made from rubberized canvas, a tarp, 25' of rope and 100' of parachute cord, a 10 inch Gurkha Khukri (a real one that was made in Nepal for me and will cut like you wouldn't believe-not one of the cheapo knockoffs), a SOG Pentagon II folder, folding saw, axe, shovel and a big roll of duct tape is in the truck.

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