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Thread: CCW style wallets

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    Stuffed in my wallet with all of the receipts, etc....picture George Castanza's wallet....that's mine.

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    I carry a regular wallet with CWP behind driver's license!

  4. just a regular wallet. i prefer the slim style wallets. mainly for id's and credit cards. i dont keep money in my wallet. if i could ever put credit and debit cards on one... and my DL and FOID and other related info on one card i wold love to do that. and just shove those two in my pocket and keep going.

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    OK Fine but the NRA Store does have a cool wallet
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    Here in Washington the card is HUGE. It won't fit in a credit card slot of a wallet.

    I have to keep it in the money part. I think it is a liberal consperacy so people won't carry it.
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  7. Just like my weapon stays hidden on my person it stays hidden in my regular wallet till needed.

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    Hey goodfella: I agree with all of the replies. My question is "what did you think you would get in the way of a reply to your question?" You obviously had something in mind that seems to escape all of us.

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    I have a bi fold wallet that has slots on each side. My drivers license in on the right in the first slot and my CC license in on the left first slot just peeking out. If I need to ever hand over my license to an officer I want them both handy.

  10. I carry my permit in the little window on my slider holster, right next to my CCW badge... except when I'm going "Stealth mode" then I wear it in an ID pouch on my dog tag chain around my neck.... Sooo KEWWWWL!

    Why? is that wrong?

    Mine goes in my wallet in the cash part 'cause many of ours in Iowa won't fold to fit a card slot..

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    Just a wallet.
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