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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE:217157
    Quote Originally Posted by Horkos View Post
    Mine is secured to a spring loaded device the when engaged launches from out of my sleeves. Very difficult when whereing sleeveless shirts. Why hide my amazing biceps?
    Did you get that idea from the movie "Taxi Driver"?
    from the movie Silverado. O'l boy had a spring loaded derringer tuck up his sleeve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfhunter View Post
    Like JTG says, mine is in a regular wallet, right behind my drivers' license
    +1 here
    Raul In Sunny Tavernier, The Florida Keys.
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  4. Its cool when your wearing your ccw pants


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinnacle Safety View Post
    Its cool when your wearing your ccw pants

    You mean we hafta wear pants now?!?

  6. I use a wallet similar to this: Soft Leather Bifold Wallet with Removable, Transparent Dual ID Holder: Clothing

    In the 'insert' part, I keep my driver's license, a rarely used credit card, and a small-printed concealed-carry map on one side; OR CHL, UT CFP, plus a $20 on the other. I carry the whole wallet most of the time (with the driver's license ready to 'flip out' when I need to show it,) but when I don't want to carry the whole thing, I just bring the 'insert' part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FifteenCents View Post
    Ok, to all the HAR HAR HAR Sarcastic jerks, Who have never asked a newbie question.

    Some of us live in States that have HUGE CCPs that won't fit in normal wallets.

    I have to take out my HUGE 2.75 by 3.75 inch CCP and test fit it before I buy an new wallet.
    If it is trimmed down the police here in WASHINGTON state consider it modified and void.
    My WA CCP fits in my wallet just fine... Granted, I can't put it behind my license, I just tuck it in with my cash or a credit card slot underneath.

    Only think I did with mine was a semi-lame lamination job as the toilet paper quality of the card had it falling apart within months of me having it. On that note, you mention the word modified, wondering if laminating would be considered such?

  8. So far a regular bifold wallet. I had to change to this from the trifold I have used for probably 35 or more years. Even with that, the 4" x 3" laminated card really doesn't fit very well.

    Anyone else have a laminated permit that size? It would perfect if it was DL or credit card sized, but it isn't so I have to adapt. Any ideas would be appreciated!

  9. Mine sits immediately behind my driver's license in the little plastic window of my wallet. I have not experienced any time (nor can I envision one) where I need to show my carry permit that I don't also have to show my DL (Virginia doesn't put photos on the CHP).

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    My tri-fold has a neat two sided window that flips out. D.L. on one side CPL on the other.


  11. Thankfully I've never had to show my cpl but I just use a standard bi-fold card holder and it works great site behind my id

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