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Thread: Are gun belts really worth it?

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    Rafters has really nice looking stuff. I started to order a shark skin belt from them, but decided to go with an Acker. I then wanted a shark skin holster, but figured I would never use it anyway. I have heard nothing but good about them.

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Muzz View Post
    I've never carried without a 'gun belt'. I figured from all my pre-permit forum browsing that there must really be something to a dedicated carry belt and I ordered one at the same time I ordered my holster, and received them within a few days of each other.
    I know my everyday belt won't do this:

    So, yes, I definitely think they're worth it.
    Now that's just cool! :D

    I've been using a Wilderness 5 Stitch Instructor's Belt for about a month or so and thought it was as good as my leather gunbelt.

    Last Sunday I needed to dress up a little so grabbed my Galco gunbelt, tucked in my VM-II and holstered my P-220. WOW! (I actually said that too!) It was a B - I - G difference! The Wilderness belt is very good but my leather gunbelt is much better. ;) Oh yeah... worth every penny!

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  4. Yes, got mine from The Beltman. Easily one of the best purchases I have made.
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    Theres a place in Oklahoma City, called Looper leather and law enforcement supply, They make a really good leather belt with a kydex liner in it for $28.00bucks, $32.00 shipped to your door, Just google looper and you will find the site...............
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  6. I often wonder why people have an uber exspensive handgun and holster and then "scrimp" on the belt.

    The belt is the foundation, much like the foundation of a house. I carry a 4" N-Frame Revolver daily when I'm not at work. I couldn't do this with a cheap flimsy belt, and get the level of concealment that I do.

    So, in answer to your question, yes, gun belts are worth the extra money. When I order a custom holster I also order a custom belt.


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    I'm going to go slightly against the consensus here--It depends on the gun and holster. For a standard OWB holster, yes it makes a difference. For an XD subcompact in a Crossbreed IWB, not so much--I've carried it with a flimsy leather belt, a Wilderness 5 stitch, and a Galco. The Wilderness and Galco are a bit easier in the john, but I don't notice any difference any other time.

  8. Since it may now be proven that a gunbelt is better...

    Is the internal stiffener (Kydex or plastic) really necesary for the gunbelt to function as intended, or is the leather enough for the job?
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    I think it depends on the belt. Mine is not a whole lot thicker than a regular belt. Therefore, I think if it did not have the insert it would not be much better than a regular belt. Some are double thick leather horsehide. I think they would be plenty stiff without an insert.

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  10. I think the size/weight of weapon and other gear plays a big part too in deciding to get a thick leather belt. I carry a Stainless Steel P-220 most of the time with a spare magazine, a SureFire and a cellular all on my belt.

    It reminds me of back when I was a LEO... my duty belt sure wasn't nylon I can tell ya! :D

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  11. Worth it. They hold up better under the weight of what you are carrying on your belt. I can really notice a difference when I am not wearing one. I have two Galco belts one Black, and the other Tan.
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