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    Kydex - Glock/Sigma

    I'm having an impossible time finding an IWB kydex holster for my S&W Sigma sw40ve. The closest I've found paddle holsters from Fobus.
    Since these 2 guns are similar, would anybody know if the Glock 19 kydex IWB holster would fit the Sigma?

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    I recommend the SuperTuck Deluxe. They make an iwb kydex holster for the S&W Sigma sw40ve. I have one for my browning hp 9 mm and it is very comfortable and tuckable.

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    I also recommend the super tuck from them.

    One thing you can do is call them directly and they can tell you if it will fit or not.

    I just double cheecked at ther website and this holster does have an option for a S&W sigma pistol

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    Those Supertucks holsters look real nice. It also looks like it would work for me as I carry & draw non conventionally. Although I am left handed, I am right eye dominant. This being the case, I taught myself to shoot with my right hand. I carry my handgun a bit odd. I use a left handed IWB with a 0 cant just right of my mid back.

    I have been doing this for years and now after all these years realize that drawing & carrying otherwise would be fruitless.

    With such a large piece of leather (I assume the smooth side is to the gun), how comfortable is it against your bare back?

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    Once it is broken in you will not even know you have it on. Added benefit of two clips spreads the weight of the gun on your belt. My browning hp is heavy and two clips really helps. You have to give it a couple of weeks to break it in. I do not wear a t shirt under it and it feels good.

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