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  1. concealed carry beretta 92fs

    anyone out there carries their beretta 92fs? if you do what holster do you use? i know is big and heavy but i have a soft spot for my 92.

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    I have a Comp-Tac CTAC holster for my Beretta 90-TWO. While it is comfortable, I've never been able to really wear it CCW because of the size.That was the first gun I ever bought and the first holster I got for it. Now I carry a Glock 26, a bit smaller.

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    I carried a 92 in a shoulder rig. Never could conceal it, you always have that big lump. I had to wear suit jackets and it still showed. Good luck.
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    mmarino: I carried a Taurus PT-101 .40 cal which is somewhat like the 92 on steroids. The holster I used was a Bianchi 7/7L pancake which, although holding the gun very close to my side, still leaves a bulge. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am a big man and my clothes easily concealed most of it. It is a good model holster and you might want to look into that style.

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