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    It really is, Unearthed. And by being able to tuck in your shirt like the video on the website shows, it is really hard to detect you are carrying. Also you can adjust how high or low you want the gun on your waist. So even sitting in a car for the "long commute" is comfortable. And with practice it is quite easy to draw quickly. Not as quick as an OWB, but what you sacrifice in a little speed you gain in concealability.
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  3. Dressing Around The Gun


    First off, let me say that I favor Inside The Waistband Carry.

    With that in mind, I select my clothing with an eye towards concealment. My pants are 1"-2" larger in the waist than if I didn't carry a gun. My "cover shirts" are cut roomy, or in the case of T-Shirts, one size too large. I like dark colors and bold patterns to help disguise the gun I'm trying to hide, think Hawaiian here. My suits are gut to accomodate the gun in my pants and one in the pocket. Pleated pants work very well to hide a gun.

    In the summer I wear Cargo Shorts and an untucked Hawaiian shirt with a T-Shirt underneath. The "covershirt" hides my 4" N-Frame Revolver or my Glock 19 with no problems. In the weakside pocket is my BUG. In the winter people say it's easier to hide a bigger gun. Maybe so, but if you pay some attention to your clothing you can hide that same gun most likely in the summer too.

    I demand high quality holsters and belts. There is no sense in spending good money on an exspensive holster only to mate it with a cheap belt. That's like breeding a prize winning cutting horse mare to "Tony The Wonder Pony" from the circus.

    For where I live I do not look out of place. No Trenchcoats in July. I'm not a "fashion plate" but I do look respectable and acceptable wherever I go. Case in point, I went to a party, could only conceal one gun due to how I was dressed. 4" N-Frame in a Matt Del Fatti Outside Waistband Holster with a Bruce Gibson Belt covered by a DHS Polo Shirt, one size too large, in navy blue, untucked. Never got made, and would've been confronted if the gun was "spotted".

    Another part of it is moving in ways to minimize "telegraphing" your carry status. It's a long learning process, but I had some good teachers over the years and I hope some of you can use some of what I've said.

    As far as Holsters and Belts, there are some good makers out there, but these are whom I use or have used and recommend:

    Mitch Rosen
    Milt Sparks
    Matt Del Fatti
    Bruce Gibson (Gibson ProRodeo, makes a great Belt)
    Ted Blocker
    Greg Kramer
    The BeltMan
    Don Hume (Pocket Holster)
    Robert Mika (Pocket Holster)


  4. Highly recommend UBG IWB. Just ordered my third one! (Well one is an OWB but the other two are IWB. Delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks.

    Even the OWB conceals my 1911 better than the COMTAC IWBI got for it.
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    I carry a G19 every day, I have tryed lots of holsters, I am presently using a Bianch,i model 82 belt holster, it holds my 19 close to my body for better concelment.. I had to practice and practice using my middle finger to sweep the locking lever, but I finally got it,.. Galco makes a great belt slide too, go to for Bianchi, and Galco holsters, good prices...
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    I daily carry a PF-9 in a kydex IWB done by Stellar Rigs. I chose the vertical model, though Ed offers a canted (quick draw) model. It is so comfortable, I almost forget I'm packing. I realize the PF-9 is less massive, but you mentioned that you had problems even with it. IWB distributes the mass better, as long as you get a good product. IMO, avoid generic catch all holsters for this application. They might work for pocket holsters, and they might work for a Tomcat or P-3AT, but not for 9's and larger.
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    I carry an S&W M&P 45 in a SmartCarry holster. Clothing is not a consideration. Although I'm not a shorts person, it works with them as well. Running, walking, sitting, standing, driving, etc. are not a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sfdtuzolto View Post
    I carry my Ed Brown Kobra in a crossbreed super tuck deluxe ( My wife doesn't even know if I'm carrying with this thing on. It is something you should check out. Very comfortable and practicle.

    XD-45 Compact 4" in a Crossbreed Super-Tuck.

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    (I should have made my handle when I started on these boards to SMARTCARRY. I sing their praises as FOR ME, it works. I am concealed, not covered. I don't worry about being "made" because I am 100% legal. The best way for me to sell (and I have) people that are pro-CCW on this style of carry is i've taken them to the range. I can draw and fire, from cover in 2.0 seconds. So I am about 1/2 second slower, but that is a compromise I am ready for.
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    I have never used IWB much just because for me it is not comfortable. Digs into my fat gut to much. Even here in hot and humid Texas I find I have no problem with an OWB most of the time as long as I ware a shirt loose enough and with long tails. IF I wear shorts and t-shirt then it is time for my fanny pack. In the winter I sometimes wear a Leather vest from Coranado Leather that has the gun pockets made in on both sides. This makes it easy to carry a second gun.
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