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    How to conceal...

    So I have this Glock 19 that I absolutely love, but I'm having problems actually carrying the thing. I bought a Blackhawk Serpa holster, which I also love...but it seems the weight of the gun pulls it away from my body and makes it awfully obvious I'm carrying. It also pulls my pants down. The belt attachment is way worse than the paddle, so I've been wearing that. I've also taken some rounds out of the mag :( and have only been carrying 10 to alleviate some of the weight. I thought about carrying it IWB but I used to think my PF9 was annoying IWB...this must be worse. Oh, and sitting in a car with the 19 on is miserable!

    What does everyone else do? Any suggestions for me other than making my belt tighter? :D

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    I carry a fairly large auto IWB at about 4 o'clock. Choose a good holster and a good gun belt. Then just make yourself wear it and you will get used to it.

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    back when I carried my Glock 32, I used a Galco IWB called the "Stow and Go". It was very thin and comfortable even for extended carry (and it was only $30 :D).

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    If your having all these problems finding a holster maybe it's time to look for a shoulder holster?
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    I have found that everything in life is a compromise?

    In my case I found that some compromise was necessary. I found that I was having great difficulty properly concealing a full sized automatic. I was beginning to get quite a collection of holsters trying to find something that worked. I'm 5' - 9" tall and weigh 155 Lbs.. I got tired of dressing around the gun and found myself leaving it at home part of the time and carrying my "Baby Browning .25". I decided to define what I wasn't willing to compromise on.

    1. The caliber would begin with a "4".
    2. I had to be able to hide it without wearing a jacket.

    Everything else was potentially negotiable!

    This works for me.

    Kahr-MK40 (.40 S&W)
    Blade-Tech - IWB -(Ultimate Concealment Holster) set for the FBI cant and positioned at 8:00 O'Clock. (I'm a confirmed lefty!)

    The little Kahr just disappears under only my tucked in shirt.
    It is so comfortable that I don't notice it being there.

  7. It is very worth the money to get a good concealment holster and belt.

    I use leather. My favorite holster is Milt Sparks' VersaMax-II with a double thick 1 1/5" belt.

    You might look at TT Gunleather. You can get a close copy of the VersaMax-II a lot sooner than the 20+ week wait from Milt Sparks. ;)

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  8. I'm carrying a Glock 19 right now as I type this. It's concealed very well under an untucked flannel shirt.

    The trick is, but your pant's one size larger and use a good IWB Holster and Belt. I'm partial to Milt Sparks, Kramer, Matt Del Fatti and Mitch Rosen for my Holsters and Belts.

    My Del Fatti OWB hides my N-Frame Revolver as well as or better than an "off the shelf" Galco. If you are going to spend money on a gun, plan to spend money on a Holster and Belt. You get what you pay for, and there ain't no free lunch.

    I hope that helps. :)


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    You guys are awesome, thanks for the tips! Now to decide what I'd like to try first...

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    I carry my Ed Brown Kobra in a crossbreed super tuck deluxe ( My wife doesn't even know if I'm carrying with this thing on. It is something you should check out. Very comfortable and practicle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfdtuzolto View Post
    I carry my Ed Brown Kobra in a crossbreed super tuck deluxe ( My wife doesn't even know if I'm carrying with this thing on. It is something you should check out. Very comfortable and practicle.
    I like that one...actually looks like it may be comfortable...

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