Fanny packs?
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Thread: Fanny packs?

  1. Fanny packs?

    Any problems with carrying concealed using a Fanny pack holster? I have one from Black Hawk and love it for my G22,2 extra mags & knife...

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    i use to carry my xd- sub in a fanny pack. worked great but my draw time was a lil slow, plus to mention all the eyes it got. i keep it simple now by using a crossbreed super tuck. noone even knows i have a firearm on me. might want to make the switch unless you dont care. i started assuming by the looks that i got, everyone thought i was carrying. now noone knows.

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    I bought a real nice one for my girlfriend from CCW Supply. Real leather, cell phone pocket $44.00 counting shipping. Has a holster for her Air Weight. No one would pay attention to a women with a fanny pack.

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    I see alot of people in the gym using fanny packs. I've been thinking about getting one too.

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    my wife and I are looking at the fanny pack for the summer months usuage

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    I think that the general opinion is that a fanny-pack screams GUN. But in the gym it seems to be appropriate.

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    I have used them for years and have never had any problems with them.


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    If you get one look at CCW Supply, you will never beat the quality of the leather one I bought my girlfriend. I took 5 1/2 weeks to get, it was worth the wait. It has cell phone pockets.

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    I use several different ones.
    I think the one i like best is The Gun Caddie® for a G26
    Looks and works like a fanny pack but is on the belt and does not flop around like a fanny pack.
    It also holds the gun horizontal so it's a little better bending over working.
    It has a small pocket that is just right for most smaller Cell Phones.

    I also like The Discreet Hip Pouch with the paddle for the G30.
    The gun is vertical and does not work as good for me when I'm working.

    Most people never notice what you have. People just don't notice, even my friends that carry
    sometimes ask me if I am and its hanging right there.

    Maybe its just the old gray hair

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    I read and hear a lot of talk about how convenient a Fanny-Pack is, and to that I say, to each his/her own, but I'm afraid their not for me! I remember once in a local Wally-World when a young man was parading around with one wrapped around his waist... I overheard a little girl point him out to her Mother and ask why that Man was wearing a purse, and that has stuck in my mind ever since!
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