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    Quote Originally Posted by 6shootercarry View Post
    I've had mine for just over a year and have sold others on it as well.

    Can't beat the comfort and great fit. I just sent an email message to Mark to see if he has any plans to offer the tuck style IWB mag pouches again.. I hope he does...
    Hey 6shooter- Glad to hear. That would be good if Mark did offer the tuckable mag pouch. Let me know if you hear anything. Merry Christmas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfcc View Post
    Hey 6shooter- Glad to hear. That would be good if Mark did offer the tuckable mag pouch. Let me know if you hear anything. Merry Christmas!
    Merry Christmas to you and God Bless... Got the reply back from the folks at CrossBreed and guess what? Hell Yea, they are making them again!!!

    Oh Happy Joy!!!
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

  4. Crossbreed

    The Crossbreed Mag Holder are back, look under there web site " Holsters" IWB.

  5. Crossbreed

    oops, I didn't see the above post/link.

  6. I bought this IWB for my G30, occasionally carry my G21 in it too. Also got one for my combat commander, only used it once to make sure it fit OK in case I ever needed to. it is a great company.

    Also bought the one that just comes with velcro, and found the holster sticks to the carpet on the console of my Traverse just nice.

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    Carry H&K 45 and Walther99 9mm Forget I even have them on..Had for a year ..Best holster I ever had.

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    I got mine about a year ago for my G19...only IWB holster I have found in 35 years that is really comfortable. It also works great for concealment with a tucked shirt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wooddoctor View Post
    A 229 fits rather well at about 4 oclock IWB......I would get another one when I get a midsize 1911.
    This is good to know. I am waiting for one for my 229 as well.

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    Crossbreed Super Tuck

    I've had mine about a month now and love it. Bought it to carry Springfield XD9 Sub Compact.

    Honestly, at times I forget that I am wearing it. Worth every penny.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by surfcc View Post
    My CB Supertuck Deluxe in Horsehide arrived in the mail yesterday. I am very impressed with how comfortable this holster is! I can't believe I waited this long to buy one.....what was I thinking? I honestly don't think I will ever wear my other IWB holsters ever again, (believe me, I haven't as I had gone to OWB exclusively) nor buy anything other than a Crossbreed for IWB carry. I'm wearing it right now with my Colt Night Officer and have been wearing all day......took my 3 yr old daughter to play at the park today and chased her all over the issues, no discomfort. Not only is this so comfortable to wear, but even more so in a seated position. No digging into my side (love handles), no pressure felt, nothing. I would encourage anyone who, like me, was not enamored with IWB, to give Crossbreed a try. They give you a 2 week try it on period and you can return no questions asked. Thanks Marty, but I'll be hanging onto my can't have it back! LOL!

    Excellent choice going with the horsehide.

    Remember, if someone asks you about it, it only takes letting them wear it once to convince them.

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