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    I just ordered a Crossbreed Supertuk Deluxe for my 1911's. I've considered buying one of these for quite some time. After a ton of research and reading a bunch of reviews here and other sites, I was convinced that this was the right holster for me. Even though I have never been crazy about carrying IWB, I found that there were a number of occassions that precluded me from carrying one of my 1911's and toting my snubbie in my pocket instead. Not that a snubbie .357 isn't enough, I just feel more comfortable with a larger caliber. I'll update you all in a few weeks, when I receive my Crossbreed.

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    I got mine two weeks ago. Should have ordered it last year. It is very comfortable, weapon locks in, no chance of falling out, easy to draw from, conceals well with shirt either tucked in or out.

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    Can't go wrong with Crossbreed. I got one for my father last Christmas for his 1911's and he loves it.

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    I love mine for my Glock 26. I sometimes forget that is even there. I would recommend this holster to anyone.

  6. I just received my mini tuck for my Kahr PM40. This is a great holster. I am getting another one for my S&W Sigma 40. for Christmas. Can't wait until the 25th.

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    The CB super deluxe is the best IWB holster there is, Period!

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    Crossbreed Supertuck arrived!

    My CB Supertuck Deluxe in Horsehide arrived in the mail yesterday. I am very impressed with how comfortable this holster is! I can't believe I waited this long to buy one.....what was I thinking? I honestly don't think I will ever wear my other IWB holsters ever again, (believe me, I haven't as I had gone to OWB exclusively) nor buy anything other than a Crossbreed for IWB carry. I'm wearing it right now with my Colt Night Officer and have been wearing all day......took my 3 yr old daughter to play at the park today and chased her all over the issues, no discomfort. Not only is this so comfortable to wear, but even more so in a seated position. No digging into my side (love handles), no pressure felt, nothing. I would encourage anyone who, like me, was not enamored with IWB, to give Crossbreed a try. They give you a 2 week try it on period and you can return no questions asked. Thanks Marty, but I'll be hanging onto my can't have it back! LOL!

  9. A 229 fits rather well at about 4 oclock IWB......I would get another one when I get a midsize 1911.
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    My wifes supertuck was waiting in the mailbox last night when we returned from a long weekend vacation. She immediately tried it out (after hearing how much I liked mine), put it on, loaded up and out she went. She says she hardly even notices it. Took me a year to order mine, her order went in the day she got her permit. Two weeks to the day turnaround time too.

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    I've had mine for just over a year and have sold others on it as well.

    Can't beat the comfort and great fit. I just sent an email message to Mark to see if he has any plans to offer the tuck style IWB mag pouches again.. I hope he does...
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