Looking for green laser for M&P 40c
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Thread: Looking for green laser for M&P 40c

  1. Looking for green laser for M&P 40c

    I have one in mind but wanted to get some opinions on it and any others that are comparable.

    Laser Aiming Systems Sights & Lasers las viridian univ sub-com lsr/light - www.MidwestHuntersOutlet.com

    I have not decided on getting the tac light laser combo or just the laser. Leaning more towards just the laser though since it a daily carry.

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    The manufacturers need to make one with a quick connect/disconnect flashlight.

  4. I will also be looking for a good carry holster to use with the laser or laser/light combo on it. I loved the crossbreed holster but I dont think it would work with this installed on the gun.

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    If you want a Green Laser I would go and get a LaserMax one. I like them a lot.

    Uni Green Laser Sight Green Laser Gun Sight

    If you are going to carry the gun with the laser I would get this one. I know some police officers that use the guide rod lasers in their guns and love them. The only downside is that they are Red.
    Guide Rod Laser for Smith & Wesson M&P

  6. Do you own that green lasermax laser? I will also look into the guide rod laser.

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    I do not own it but I do know some friends who own it. It can be put on either a rifle or handgun so it is nice to take to the range and use on different guns. Plus it gives you another rail to attach other stuff to the gun.

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