Tactical Holster: G21 w/TLR2
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Thread: Tactical Holster: G21 w/TLR2

  1. Tactical Holster: G21 w/TLR2

    Any help, leads, insight or links appreciated. I saw one by Spectregear which is a "universal" tactical holster for use w a mounted lite - having problems defining my search.

    This is a "want" and not a "need"..LOL!

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    I have a Phantom kydex holster from Raven Concealment Systems (The Malabar Front) for my full-size 1911 with a rail-mounted Streamlight TLR-2. The Phantom holster functions perfectly regarding stability, fit, and retention. Jay at the Malabar Front was able to get the holster to me in about 3 weeks if I'm remembering correctly. When I received it, it needed to be tweaked, so I returned it. Jay fixed it with a turnaround time of 10 days. Excellent customer service.

    Raven Concealment Systems

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