Crossbreed Mag Pouch?
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Thread: Crossbreed Mag Pouch?

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    Crossbreed Mag Pouch?

    I was just online ordering a crossbreed holster. After the raving reviews, and a split seam in my regular holster, I thought that this would be worth while. BUT in getting the order placed I came across the mag pouches that are similar to the super tuck delux. I am looking at a double mag (Both Double Stack). Does anyone out there have any actual experience with wearing both of these at the same time?

    I am looking for feel, weight, comfort, accessability, and so on.
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    I really would like one, but can't afford one now... I'm hoping to get one at refund time. :)
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  4. I wear both everyday. Get your pants an inch or two bigger. 2" is the route I went... works out very well. Peace.

  5. I bought a double mag for my 1911. I wish now I hadnt. I have a beer belly and no hips. So my pants fall down. Maybe a single would've been better?

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