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Thread: cross draw holster

  1. This is what I bought for my S&W M329PD .44 mag:

    Galco Dual Position Phoenix holster, MSRP was $120, I got it for $70 off of fleabay.

    Good luck.

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    FTG-05, thanks for the pic. Too bad Galco does not appear to make that model for Glocks.

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    I use a Serpa II at 45 deg for my 1911. I also wear a seperate gunbelt, other than around the house where I just use a general purpose 'bucket' for various sidearms. I also use the bucket (pants belt) if I have to leave the gun in the truck for some reason that I'm aware of in advance. Anything else is a reg holster on my weak side (butt reversed). Oh... I open carry 99.%.

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