cross draw holster
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Thread: cross draw holster

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    cross draw holster

    Anybody know of a good right hand cross draw holster(s)? I currently have an xdm40, bersa 380, and soon a px4 compact. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  3. I'm entertaining the same. Just find a zero cant holster and try that. That's what I did with one of mine. It worked just fine.

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    zero cant

    You might want to consider a holster that offers positive as well as negative cant. On cross-draw, the more forward you position the butt, the easier it will be to draw. Zero cant is fairly easy to draw on your strong side, but not so much on cross-draw.
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    Andrews leather makes excellent holsters with some really nice crossdraws.

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    Galco Cover-6 Crossdraw

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    Thanks for all the suggestions, I am leaning toward the Galco model or a Blackhawk.

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    A little old but I've been looking into 'cross-draw' lately too. You can start with trying your regular holster on the 'weak' side. I like a little cant, but with less the butt of the gun stays back & is less likely to stick out. Some of the models with more cant are well suited to driving situations, mid cant can be tried for carry & driving.

    My reasoning is it's so normal to have your hands in front near your belt buckle. It only takes a slight movement to retrieve your piece from the weak side. The weak hand is there to pull back a coat if needed. I think it could be more subtle on the draw over a raised shoulder going with traditional strong side. Just a few ideas.

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    Since this thread has been dug up again, I am currious to know what the OP decided on.

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    Also curious...
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    Fobus paddle with 360 degree rotation. So much adjustment possibility you can find a great fit for cross draw, strong side, middle of the back (jeweler's carry) or in the front. It is usually found for under $30 so you are not taking a huge bite like the Galco.

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