Need suggestions for Wheelchair carry
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Thread: Need suggestions for Wheelchair carry

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    Need suggestions for Wheelchair carry

    I have Multiple Sclerosis and use a wheelchair for long distance walking. Short distance I use a fore-arm crutch or walker.

    When I am in my wheelchair, I normally use a Galco Shoulder holster.

    While it has worked well, It's not comfortable. Pushing my chair while wearing the shoulder rig is not ideal. What I would like to do is figure out a way to make a shoulder/storage for under my seat. My seat is a canvas platform that my cushion sits on. It is flexible and If I could figure out a way, to make it, that would make life much nicer. I have checked out the Gun Dock, but it's for storing a gun at a desk or table, it rivets to the desk so I guess they could to it to my chair, but not sure.

    Anyone else have any ideas? Help is needed and appreciated. Thanks.


  3. Velcro might work also. However, I would think that if you have to reach for your weapon any further than on your body then it my deem worthless. Have you considered one of those *** bags tied at the waist?
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    How about a shotgun scabard mounted to the side of your wheelchair? I know that rules out concealment, but hey, you get a nice "Don't screw with me" factor.

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    Cargo Pants

    I used to know a guy in a chair that wound up wearing cargo pants when he
    was out and about and then most of the time after he decided he liked it.
    That way the firearm was always on the side of his leg where he could reach it.

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    I know the Owner of a Gas Station,He is wheelchair bound and a firm believer of CCW. I pass this station twice a day. He carries his 357 snubby in a quick release fanny pack. Several years ago this proved to be useful. Two thugs came in to rob him and his family at the station, he killed one and wounded the other.
    About a week later I stopped by to shake his hand and to tell him "Good Job"
    Here is the only link I can find on it.

    Would-be robbers shot Tuesday evening near Anniston |
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