Don Hume H721OT OWB Leather Holster
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Thread: Don Hume H721OT OWB Leather Holster

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    Don Hume H721OT OWB Leather Holster

    I just received my new Don Hume H721OT OWB leather holster last week and I am quite pleased with it. It holds very tight to the body and my weapon (Sig P250 9mm compact) is very secure in it. I can hold it upside down and shake it and it will not fall out, so that is pretty good retention for an open top holster. I would recommend this holster anyone looking for a high quality leather OWB concealment holster.

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    Well, you've got me convinced. I've been looking for an OWB holster for a P229 that will keep it real close to the body. This one is sufficiently priced. I think I'll buy one.

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    No Gun Porn! WTH?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gschoelles View Post
    No Gun Porn! WTH?
    Right LOL!


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    I'll work on the gun porn and see if I can get some pics posted soon. Sorry for the delay and the teaser. LOL

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    Here's the gun porn

    Here's a link to some pics of my new holster.

    Holster pictures by elkhuntCO - Photobucket


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    That first pic seals the deal. I already placed my order, but after seeing that I'm not regretting it. I got an order update today that said they were out of stock, and would be 6-8 weeks. On a happier note, they applied a significant military discount to my order saving me $30. Again, thanks for the pics, your review has been extrememly helpful.

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    USCG thanks for what you do and I hope you enjoy the holster as much as I like mine. From an old Jarhead,

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    It came in the mail yesterday. I love it! Like you said, it holds the gun real close to the body, and I don't need to cinch my belt real tight like I did with the Serpa to get it there. I carry a Sig P229 and with a full mag +1 it's quite heavy.

    I don't know how it works, but with this thing on I don't feel the weight of it anymore. I'm not using a real gun belt, but a rather thick braided belt. I ordered a gun belt from Don Hume but it's on backorder as well and won't be in until March 11.

    I'll see if I can get some pics tonight.

    Thanks for the great review elkhuntCO!
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    Armed...not dangerous.

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