holster options for Ruger LCP
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Thread: holster options for Ruger LCP

  1. holster options for Ruger LCP

    looking for different options for concealed carry of the Ruger LCP. not sure i like IWB but am open to looking at anything in the hopes i find something i like.

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    have the one that come with crimson trace use front or rear pocket and sometimes in waist band has just enough rubber to keep it in place so a desantis would be perfect. have a rear pocket one of leather but the the square leather looks too obvious in rear pocket so it is not used much

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    I have a Crossbreed Holster IWB and a simple pocket holster for mine. Honestly it pretty much stays in my pocket holster.

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    I have a DeSantis gunhide for pocket carry and a Fobus paddle for carrying on the belt. I'm not a fan of IWB.
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  6. Pocket Carry?

    I shoot right handed and carry my LCP/Crimson trace in a DeSantis Super Fly in my right rear pocket.

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    Uncle Mike's in front pocket. Great for summer and cargo shorts.

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    I use a Uncle George Leather holster for My LCP. Looks like a wallet in the back pocket.

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    Looks like a wallet

    holster This allows you to shoot the Ruger LCP while in the holster. I plan on buying a Ruger and this holster as my second carry weapon.


  10. Uncle Mike's in front pocket. Great for summer and cargo shorts.
    what size uncle mikes, 1 or 2?

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