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Thread: Smartcarry/Thunderbelt

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    I just bought a Smartcarry online mainly for Texas summertime carry for I wear loose shorts and t's mainly in the summer. I am a new CCW carrier and have done some research and checked out the youtube vids on this product. It's on the way but I just wanted to get any other suggestions or feedback on this product. I'll most likley go with an ankle holster for winter but haven't 100% decided on winter time carry. My CCW weapon in a Tauras PT-145, any feedback is much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Smart Carry

    You might like the Defender Defender Gun Concealment Holsters

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    I also have a smart carry and it work's best with small guns like lightweight revolvers or 380s! This is what I carry in it in the summer time!

  5. Wear it very low on the hips. It sometimes helps to shift the holster to the left (if you're right handed) a bit, so that the barrel is above your leg rather than hanging straight down the middle.

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    Well, I got my smart carry and have been practicing with it, I think it'll do for summertime for sure. Thanks for the tip MF, it does sit better in that position and the butt of my tauras does not print as bad as wearing it in the middle.

    Thanks 4Open for the link, I think i'm going to go with the MOB ITWB holster for wintertime, looks like a good product for the money.
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    I have both and they both work well with an auto. But my S&W revolver hangs on the Smartcarry. Works great with Thunderwear. In the Smarycarry the cylinder gets caught on the lip when I try and remove it. To the point that I pulled the whole holster out. Not cool.

    I called Smartcarry and told them of the problem. They said send it back and they have a guaranteed fix. They sent it back to me with a clear piece of plastic that sticks down inside the holster. I thought it was a piece of packing and almost thru it away. It's just loose. You place it between the holster and the revolver. Pretty cheap. Not much of a fix.

    For a revolver I would use the Thunderwear. IMHO
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    Just got mine about a month ago for Summer with my G26, its a lot more comfortable then I though it would be. Especially since Glock hasn't figured out that sub compacts should also be thin, But it defiantly takes some screwin around with to get it to sit comfortable and still accessible.

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    Is this holster comfortable? How about when you sit down like in the car does it fit good?

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    Yes it is very comforable, but it depends on what you carry.
    Using a Smartcarry when I carry a S&W K frame 357 snub its great. Sitting, standing, riding my bicycle, etc. When I use it to carry a S&W Sigma 40, not as much. Sitting there is a bulge made by the barrel. I also have to make adjustment to make it comfortable. I use my smartcarry when deep concealment is my primary concern (wearing a suit, meeting customers, anywhere I do not want to reveal I am carrying.
    When wearing sweats or basketball shorts I use an IWB holster with a nylon tactical belt under my sweats. Very comfortable a it conceals well.
    Is it worth it? I would say yes, depending on your needs..
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