Crossbreed QwikClip Holster: looking for reviews
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Thread: Crossbreed QwikClip Holster: looking for reviews

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    Question Crossbreed QwikClip Holster: looking for reviews

    Who has experience with Crossbreed's QwikClip holster? I'm considering purchasing one and am looking for first-hand experience input from those who have used one - especially if worn appendix or crossdraw. Thanks!

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    I have one for my Sig P238 and it's quite comfortable. I usually wear it a 4:00 so I can't comment on appendix or cross-draw. However, I do believe it would work well in either position.

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    I had a no-name nearly identical to a qwikclip, didn't like it. It moved around alot (up/down) It didn't disperse weight well compared to a SuperTuck, that being said, My EDC is a G26. I'm sure a .380 would be a different story. But with the prices being pretty close I'd personally just go with a SuperTuck.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I do have a G26 but will have an LCP this summer. Still considering my options for the G26.

  6. The Quickclip takes some feeling out for some. Since it only has the one clip, you won't like having a heavy pistol in it at all as it will make the nose of the firearm dip down below quite a lot. The G26 shouldn't give you any attitude, just make sure you're wearing a quality belt, the belt tends to be a huge problem with folks going IWB.

    Most folks I've talked to about Crossbreed tend to prefer the Supertuck. But even the ST has issues that bug some folks. Each holster Crossbreed makes has its quirks and just takes some feeling out to know which one is the most applicable. I've been using the ST for a long time and my only real complaint is the shape along the bottom. I have large legs and those ears on the bottom rub badly, but if I remove them it risks having the metal clips rubbing or poking my leg as well as can pull my clothing against the metal clips (don't know why, it just does).

    One would be surprised (most of the time) that moving the holster just 1-2 inches on the waistband can make all the difference in comfort.

    On to the good stuff! The Crossbreeds will allow you the ability to cant the holster in various positions. I've not attempted to put a Quickclip or Supertuck in a cross-draw set up simply because they aren't intended for that. But, I'd think the ST would be the most versitile for that application given that it has 2 adjustable clips. Since I have the ST at home, I'd be happy to configure it and try the application for you so you don't have to buy until you're informed.

    If memory serves, the Quickclip only has holes positioned to allow for a forward cant or verticle ride.

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    Thanks for the info. I asked the question because Crossbreeds website states that the Qwikclip can be used crossdraw, while the Supertuck didn't claim that (that I noticed). I do agree the Supertuck would be the better option if that is so.

  8. I rigged up my Supertuck the other night. I can't get an extreme cant out of it, but I can get an adequate cant for a safe draw provided it's not directly on my hip. It has to be slightly forward, which would be slightly rear of an appendix-carry on the right side. I went all the way up on one side and all the way down on the other.

    The only problem I noted was that the clips had to be turned to accommodate the cant angle, which puts one of them not fully over leather backing.

    It looks like Mark has added another hole on the Quickclip to allow for cross-draw. It might just do the trick that way, plus you've got 2 weeks to return it if it's not going to pass muster for you. So either way you go, you'll have that return period.


    Just a piece of advice here and it may not apply to your first one unless you know someone who can let you try one before you buy one. So...spend the extra money and get the horsehide instead of the cowhide. It's worth the extra money in my opinion.

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