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Thread: Lockable box for handguns on flight

  1. I've never had an issue. I keep the box on top of my clothes when I first get there and let the ticket agent know I'm checking a firearm. They give me a card to fill out and may or may not ask to see it. Then the TSA goes over the bag with their chemical sniffers, I bury the lock box back in the bag and pass it off and I'm on my way. Usually less than 10 extra minutes.

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    Tell the counter agent "I have an unloaded firearm to declare" instead of "I have a gun..." Keeps everyone much calmer.

    Read the TSA and airline web sites for exact info. It's not difficult.

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    Check the TSA rules and your airline's rules. Some airlines have addittional rules to follow. The TSA may also have a list of approved containers and locks.

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    Here is a link to another post on this site that is worth reading if you're traveling with a firearm. He says it better than I could.

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