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    Remora Holster Review/Purchasing Experience

    I first heard about Remora Holsters on a firearms podcast I listen to regularly, and thought the idea of a clip-less holster very intriguing. Several weeks ago I purchased one after having listened to and reading several more positive reviews. I purchased a model 6ART for my Glock 27. I received it on a Saturday, within a week of ordering it. After working with it for the day in different strong side positions and cants, I realized that I couldn't draw the pistol without the holster coming out with it. It seemed that the holster was covering too much of the grip frame. As I gripped the gun, my index finger inevitably pinched just a bit of the holster material between the frame and my index finger. This caused enough friction on the grippy material to bring the holster with the gun. I found that particularly odd seeing as I had order an "ART" model which was supposed to be cut to better allow access to the pistol's grip. That very evening I used the "Contact Us" feature on the Remora Holsters website to inform them of the issue I was having, and what I thought the cause was. I inquired as to how I could verify I received the right product, and if they would be willing to exchange my holster for a smaller model that exposed more of my pistol's grip frame.

    Within less than two hours, I had an email reply from the Owner of the company, Alan Bogdan:

    "Thank you for purchasing a REMORA holster....You can look inside the top of the holster it should be written there what series and style you have.....If it is the 6 ART that would be the lowest profile holster we make as a stock holster...this is really the first problem with un-holstering of this style and series we have received any feedback on ....How ever un-holstering is of the most importance.... I will do a custom holster lowering the profile by the grip giving you a little more access to the grip.....I will ship the holster out next week at no charge....Keep the existing holster maybe you have a friend with a different gun that the holster may accommodate... Thank you again for choosing REMORA

    Keep Safe !!"

    When I read this message, I was astounded at the level of customer service he was willing to provide. Not only did he take the time to address my issue right away (and on a Sunday), but he offered me a brand new custom holster to boot at no charge.

    After that, Alan and I exchanged a couple of emails with pictures and a video demonstrating the specifics of my issue with the holster. Within just a few days, I had a brand new custom holster specifically tailored to fit my gun, a Remora Holsters gun mat, and a hand written note. He even upgraded my new holster to a reinforced top model.

    Having used the holster for a few weeks now, I couldn't be more pleased. It's comfortable, retains my gun well without slowing down my draw, and it disappears in any waistband. I can even substantiate the claims that it will hold in place in sweats with just a cinched up drawstring.

    I would have no reservations in recommending a Remora holster to anyone looking for a top-notch concealment holster, with top-notch customer service behind it. Their products are innovative, quality built, and company ownership goes above and beyond to satisfy their clients.

    Link to the Remora Holsters website:
    Home of the Original Remora No Clip Holster

    Link to the Remora Holsters "Reviews" page containing other reviews, photos, and some very compelling videos on the holsters retention abilities.
    Remora Holster Reviews

    Link to "Average Joe's Handgun Reviews", the first review I encountered when I began researching these holsters.
    Average Joe's Handgun Reviews: Remora Holsters***Updated***

    Link to "The Gun Nation Podcast" episode # 28 where I first heard about Remora Holsters.
    The Gun Nation Podcast: 8-27-10::Show No.28 - Evil Black Lever Action???

  3. I have known Alan Bogdan for several years.... He was my canvas man before he got into making Remora's.. He has experimented quite a bit.. I own 6-8 of them.. one for every pistol I can carry IWB.. LOL.. He made one for me custom on the spot when I wanted a little different cut for my LCP. I needed a little higher protection on the inside where it contacted my side.. Awesome... Funny, in fact I saw him today.He drove down my street and we chatted..Briefly as he is ALWAYS ON THE GO..!!!.. Great Guy.. Well recommended and has a great innovative product..!!!
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    Kind of an old thread here, but I wanted to revive it and let others know what I thought of these holsters.... I heard of them in another thread a few weeks ago, and I also was intrigued with the concept...... So, I searched google and found them... Watched a few videos they have linked on the website of reviews people have done on them, and had to try one for myself.

    Ordered one, and within one week, it was here.... Very decent price, Awesome workmanship and high quality materials! No questions asked lifetime warranty also, what more can you ask for?

    As far as how well does it do its job? Quite well.... takes awhile to get used to getting it in the place you want it, because it is VERY "grippy" and will NOT move around, so you need to put it where you want it with precision. If you try to re-position it without loosening your pants/belt, it will just pull your pants and shirt around your torso, lol....

    It is nice to have the option of not worrying about where your beltloops are and such... And there are no clips that may give away the fact that you are armed....

    Overall, I am VERY satisfied with this holster, the only downside/cons I can think of is re-holstering ( I did not get it with the optional hold-open feature) but I do not consider that an issue...... If in a life threatening situation, I am only concerned with UN-holstering.......

    BTW, I have had no issues with the holster coming out when I draw..... I suspect the OP would have been able to draw without any problems if he practiced.... All equipment/accessories have different operating procedures and you need to practice to get proficient with what you have BEFORE using it as your EDC....

    It is awesome that the company did what it did for him... That right there shows us all that they are a good company to deal with and can be trusted.....

  5. Remora

    I have two and just ordered a third. In addition to IWB, my Sig 238 holster serves very well as a pocket holster. And yes Alan is super at customer service.

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    I received my first Remora yesterday for my XD .40 Subcompact and will be ordering another for my Glock 26 (tuckable). I wore it around the house yesterday evening in various types of clothing and concealment cover. I am still looking for the best carrying position but so far I am impressed by the holster. It DOES NOT slip.
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    Ordered one for my wife, who I have yet to get to actually carry her gun. For reasons I can't fathom, she wants to put it at 9 0'clock, which makes the butt stick out like a sore thumb and is not an easy location to draw from. I guess it doesn't make much difference though. As she's done with every holster I've gotten her, she tried this one out, pronounced it 'nice' and stashed it in the dresser where it has remained with the other holsters.
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  8. I am very happy with my Ramora. Carry my compact 1911 (appendix) all day with no problems and like the fact that I can make slight adjustments to get it "just right".

  9. Purchased a Ramora about four months ago for my LC9. Works great, I generally carry at 3 ITWB and I also like that I can move it around especially when I get into the car. seat. But what I find as a great bonus I use this same holster for pocket carry. And the price is hard to beat.

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