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Thread: Need a good shoulder holster

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    One other thing about the Galco system. Their shoulder straps are on the thin side, in width. Many manufacturers of shoulder holsters use very wide straps over the shoulders to distribute the weight over a broad area of the wearer's shoulders. While Glaco was/is a great system, they refuse to offer a strap system for men with man size chests (in their extra length item of the straps). They seem to believe that any man with a barrel chest is apparently rare indeed, and that only men built like 15 year olds need a wide strap shoulder system(???).
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    One of the other manufacturers I was thinking of that offer wide shoulder straps is the Alessi Bodyguard shoulder system. They use very wide shoulder straps that I have heard (unlike Galco) distribute weight over a large area making them extremely comfortable. To me, Galco is like Mobile 1 motor oil - they are number one because of their advertising budget - not because of their formulations.
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    U.T.G. found it on eBay for $16.00 and been wearing it with a 1911 and Taurus 92 A.F.S. for 2 years. I bought two of them and haven't needed the other yet. These are heavy pistols, especially with 18 round mag in the pistol, and two more mags on the other side. Good quality doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. P.S. I am 6'1 275lbs. 56 inch chest, and it's plenty big!
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    Thanks everybody for the info!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kotaNsid View Post
    Thanks everybody for the info!!
    I'm always glad to assist.

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    I feel a very good holster is a Galco. They have a web site and you will get the best prices at Optics Planet on line. I have two of them. Check out you Tube and NutnFancy. Nutnfancy gives avery good review on products. He used to review for LL Bean and he is in the Military.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tucsonjw View Post
    Check out, used by some airmarshals.
    I really like mine: comfortable, easy to use.
    Not sure about this. I go to the Sig Sauer Academy for training every once in a while and that is where the Air Marshals go to shoot. From what I was told they have about 60-80 of them come thru once a week, and when they do they buy up anything related to the P229, cause that is what they carry. When I inquired as to what they use to conceal they said they used an IWB that they keep it tucked in the front of their pants. This is so if they get into a problem on a plane and someone is trying to get their gun, they can curl up a little while on the ground and it makes it impossible for someone to take it from them. When I asked which brand they buy they said the Mitch Rosen, which they are out of constantly because the Air Marshals buy them all up. Just what I heard.

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